Tree of curiosity

August 4, 2014

During the Eid holidays here in the middle east, a bunch of us decided to visit one of the main attractions of Bahrain, The tree of life. I've seen the tree once before when I was a kid and all I remember was a tree, sand, and a snake hole. This time was not really different, there was a tree, sand, but no snake hole. THANK GOODNESS! 

I would love to know and understand how a random large tree has been living in the middle of no where for gosh knowns how many years, with no source of water other than tourists pouring water on the tree...which I don't think really helps. 

But yeah, I googled like any other curious modern woman, and all I saw were Tree of Life symbols, meanings, tattoos. Yeah definitely not what I was looking for. So I got more specific and typed Bahrain next to it. As I was reading the very short wikipedia article about the tree, there was one sentence that caught my eye:

"It is also believed to be the site for cults practising ancient rites."

We have cults in Bahrain?...Okay. Just uhm..yeah..

| Tank top - Forever 21 | Cardigan - Bershka | Jeans - Thrifted |
| Shoes - H&M | Accessories & Fedora - Gifted | Bag - Ocean Park, Philippines |

The wind was making my hair do crazy things and since it was in a braid as well as layered, strands just flew out all over the place that made a hair-bump on top of my head. I ended up clipping it up with my trusty hair clip for the rest of the day.

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! 

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