It's Universal!

August 15, 2014

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter!! *jumps up and down*

We headed onto the Universal theme park a few days back before we pack up and head back to Bahrain.

Our priority at Universal was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or just simply put - "Harry Potter land/world" which is what I like to call it. We rushed all the way to Harry Potter world and after being sore from Disney World two days before, it's a miracle we made it without our legs falling off. 

We made it and oh boy was it magical!

| Shirt - Hot topic | Shorts - H&M | Hat - Disneyworld |
Flannel - Forever 21 | Bag - Gifter |
Photo creds: Sawsan Abdulla
I can never find the links for these things >.<

I bought this shirt a day before we left for Universal, and I just had to wear it. I don't care if it's a dudes shirt, just tuck it into the my shorts, tie a flannel around it, and done! It looks like I'm going to gym class or for a run or something, but it looks good to me nonetheless. 

Few hours into Universal, it started to pour like crazy. Enough to get our shoes soaked. I've never been so grateful for the internet for giving me tips on what to do when going to theme parks in Orlando, Buy a rain poncho and bring it everywhere with you! It'll be your best friend for your entire trip. 

We roamed Universal, no rides of course, because I ain't about that life. I only went to the Jurassic Park ride which scared the life out of me, so after that I was like No no no no... I'll stick to the gift shops. So my sister and I attacked the gift shops and spent more than we should've and my luggage is suffering the consequences. 

My last day in the USA was spent at Downtown disney and playing DDR.
I'm going to miss you America! I shall be back soon!

Have a magical Friday everyone! 

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