Acoustic Alley in Denim and Lilac

June 23, 2014

As I was drafting this post, my mind went off on a craze and the entire draft turned out to be a rant, but let's leave the excessive rants aside and turn it into something sweeter and magical. 

I recently went to a music event called "Acoustic Alley" which was hosted by 96.5FM, Radio Bahrain's very own DJ, Imran Al Aradi. The line up was filled with four local artists that aspire to make good music to captivate the ears of their audience. At least that's how I perceive it. I haven't personally met Imran, I've only seen him standing about 5 feet away from me, and nope, I did not freak out. Okay maybe I did freak, and jump like a little girl on the inside. Just a little. 

My cousin, who was accompanying me at the time, and I thought we arrived pretty late but the show barely even started. The event said it'll start at 7:30 but it started at around 8pm. How I despise events that barely start on time. Nonetheless, we were pleased enough that we didn't miss anything. We walked into the venue feeling excited yet lost and awkward. I looked around hoping to see someone I knew, I tried to calm myself down after seeing a few I was acquainted with but I didn't feel I had the right to approach. Do any of you guys get that sometimes? So we both just sat there and waited for the show to start. Pretty awkward huh.

The show started off with an artist I haven't seen play in years, Abraham Mathews (a.k.a Kevin). I met Abraham back in 2011 at a talent show I helped organize; though I doubt he remembers who I am, he was just as amazing as he was the first time I saw him play, except with a whole lot more creativity and fire in his voice and his entire performance. It was smooth, fun, and literally music to my ears. (Kevin's Facebook Page)


Finally having the pleasure of watching Hani Malik play live after constantly seeing his name all over the internet and on many event posters, I have to say my expectations of how his music would sound were pretty high that I was quite disappointed when I heard him play. I thought his genre flew in the same direction as Abrahams but nope. Although he was quite natural and comfortable on stage and with the audience, his music just isn't my kind of music. I like to be happy, even if I'm not, and Malik's music is quite the opposite. I was slow, deep, and sad. Hani, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, don't hate me. This is just me. :) (Hani's Soundcloud)

Also, a guest performer went on after Hani. Coco beat, who flew it from Kuwait, and she did a pretty good job. She played cover that had a mix of her own lyrics to it. I enjoyed it, it wasn't too over the top nor was it dull. It was pleasant. 

And on to the band I've been looking forward to watching all night and to the singer/songwriter I've been trying to avoid being obsessed with. There I said it. Mo Zowayed and the Accidentals. I've mentioned them before when I first saw them live at the Museland Festival, and if I thought they were amazing there, then they were twice as amazing that night. It was fun, exciting, and I tried not to scream my lungs out since I am a lady after all, and a lady must remain composed. They all looked as if they were having so much fun on stage and connected so well with the audience that the building shook with all the screams and cheers. (Mo's Website)

At their final set, they had invited the next performer up on stage to sing the last song with them. Patrick O'Neill (Pesus). Mo, the Accidentals, and Patrick were so much fun to watch, and were so great that the screams and claps were twice as loud, the crowd basically went wild. (Pesus Soundcloud)

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Patricks set. I had to leave right after Mo and the Accidental's performance. Patrick, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry, I really wanted to see your set! 

Acoustic Alley was pretty awesome. There is something about concerts or just listening to bands play live with their covers and especially their original songs that get me so inspired and just takes all my worries away. The sad thing is, once they stop playing, the worries just come rushing back. Even so, I'm glad I had the guts to go, even if I didn't see it to the end. 

On to the outfit, I wanted to go for something simple, comfy and casual. Denim and lilac, they look pretty good together don't they?
| Denim button up & Shoes - H&M | Tank - Forever 21
Jeans - Bershka | Necklace - Ebay |

So that happened. 
Have a wonderful Monday everyone! 

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