Flying, Toastmasters, and Han Solo

May 12, 2014

Only a couple of days before I fly to Oman with my fellow Toastmasters for a three-day Toastmaster convention, and I thought I'd be a bit more excited about it, with the heavy heart beats and restless nights thinking about the flight, but it all seems good. Perhaps my excitement for flying will grow once I'm on the way to the airport.

Speaking of flying to Oman, it's been three days and I still haven't finished packing. Thankfully for all the lists and grocery shopping, I'm half way done.


| Top - Stradivarious | Belt - forever21 | Pants - BERSKA | Shoes - New Look |
Photos by my sister, Naj

The theme for last week's toastmaster meeting was Star Wars Day. My first thought was to dress up as a padawan, and while picking out the clothes, the outfit looked more like Han Solo's than a padawan's. I decided to go with it.
And a funny bonus from the night! 

Tell me you wouldn't morph into this position when being attacked by a toy lightsaber. Imagine if it was a real one, those things can slice your head off.


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