Museland Festival - Indie Music All Around

April 19, 2014

When one writes about an indie music festival, one must listen to the awesome indie music playlist on iTunes while writing. 

Listening to indie music, especially indie folk and rock, brings a sense of freedom into the minds of the audience. Watching them sway from side to side, nodding their heads, waving their hands up in the air, and twirling round and round to the music feeling free and knowing that, that moment is the moment of utter bliss and absolute freedom from the real world. 

Attending this music festival for the first time, widening my horizons when it comes to socializing and how do you say, growing up and becoming an adult, makes me feel odd, awkward, and scared. I may sometimes point out that I don't care what other people think of me, but there will always be times when I feel others judge me based on my personality, and not on how I look. That's what I have to work on, getting over the idea of others judging me based on my personality. It may all be difficult but it all takes time. 

I wrote about attending the Museland Festival a few posts back and simply wrote that I was excited to dress up and dance to the music. Arriving a hour later to the actual opening of the festival, a few solo artists had finished their set and were entertaining their fans, I on the other hand, just sat there, enjoyed the view and watched as others around me interact with each other. It amazes me how people can constantly talk about absolutely nothing. 

I'm glad I went to the festival. I enjoy seeking out new potential artists to add onto my everyday music. There was this one solo artist, Briar Rabbit, who flew in from the US and has great songs. Songs that I would definitely listen to on a weekly, maybe monthly basis. He was so very natural on stage, despite the really bad crowd...It felt like an honor to watch him live. Briar Rabbit SoundCloud

Night time flew in and the here was where the magic happened. A band I instantly fell in love with. Mo Zowayed and the Accidentals. It was in that moment when I got up front and started dancing to their music, that I felt freedom. They sound like a mix of Mumford and Sons with their own unique rhythm. Surprising enough to hear, they are from Bahrain. I didn't know this kind of good music existed in Bahrain until that night. They were simply awesome for a Bahraini based band. Mo Zowayed SoundCloud

| Dress, Crop top, Plaid Shirt, Belt  - Forever 21| Shoes - H&M | Necklace - Ebay | Bag - Gift from Dad
Can you tell I don't really shop at Forever21?
(credits go to my good friend Sa-sha for the outfit photos of me, Thank you so much!)

Lastly, I am happy to say that there were a few others; including myself, who dressed as though they were going to Coachella. With the earthy colors, maxi side cut skirts, cowboy boots, and it seemed like that day was the day, everyone decided to let their natural curly hair loose, instead of the usual blow dry and straightened. Now I'm wondering if this is the type of clothes people wear to music festivals. Do they really? 

Have a great day everyone! And listen to good music that make you feel good and awesome!

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