Casual Giving

April 29, 2014

Recently, I've noticed that whenever I write, speak or think, I would begin my sentences with
"I did..." "oh me too" "yeah, and I…" "I've been…" 
and there would be times during conversations where my subconscious would find a way to direct the attention of the subject towards me.
"Yes, this happened to me.." "Oh but I…"

I've noticed this for a while, and have been trying to divert the way I converse to sound a little less self centered and egotistic.

So, I've been trying to focus my attention on trying to give back instead of taking, taking, and taking. A friend of mine has been having personal problems for quite sometime now, and whenever I would see him during Toastmasters meetings, I would see him sulk in his dark little corner. Poor thing got me worried. Nothing is much worse then being in a room with a person who is radiating dark negative vibes all over the place.

Having wished someone would've done this to me while I was feeling down, I texted my friend and asked if he wanted to meet up. We met, talked, laughed, talked some more, and vented out those congested feelings. Giving him whatever advice I could give to help him through his struggles, we hugged good bye, and parted our separate ways.

This deed did not hit me until hours later. I had woken up that morning with the feeling to do something good, and had the urge to be there for a friend, and so I followed my impulses. Hours after we parted ways, that friend texted me with good news that could possibly make his life a whole lot easier.

It feels good to know that what you said or did made a difference in a persons life.
Approach someone today and make their day a bright and sunny one.

Fortunately, while shooting these photos, the sun was right in my eyes. So I've been trying to block the sun with my cooperative curly hair. Yes, my mane has been nice to me this past week by staying tamed. Thank you hair. I loove you. 


Top & Tank - F21 | Jeans - Bershka | Shoes - H&M
Jacket - New Look | Wallet - Ebay |

What was the last good meaningful deed you've recently done?


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