Truth Comes With One Post At A Time

March 23, 2018

Sooo... hey Y'all! *guilty wave*

Long time no write. Literally.

Every time I think that I'm ready to dive back into blogging, I go blank. When I have a good topic for a post, I go blank the moment I open up the "New Post" page. But today, I'm fed up. I want to get real with you all today and say this;

Since 2018 started, I've been walking around on eggshells. It felt like my whole life ended rather than a new year started when the clock struck 12. Yeah, so depression sort of hit me a bit harder than I thought with the year I had and what my own mind put me through. But of course, I did what I could to get out of it and here I am. Trying to get back in the game.

When I think of blogging, the voice in my head would tell me that I have to edit this and that, and would say that the readers wouldn't like what I'm writing. I took all these great outfit photos with Silver Kick Diaries, but to be honest, I wasn't feeling it because it didn't have a purpose to me anymore. I wasn't posting anything so why should I do it?

Nada Más Que Amor and I have gone through multiple ups and downs, so much so that when I would fall and come up again, all the things I'd talk about are just basically me repeating myself over and over in different words. Gah. But I think, no. I want things to change with this blog and this definitely will because I want to tell the truth.

The truth about what? About how we're all allergic to dairy but we love cheese anyway, about dressing up at least once a week to boost your confidence, about friendships, about assholes, about dreams, about failures, about throwing away old memories. The truth about life.

So my only hope with this is for y'all stay along with me to keep me company through this truth of life. Stay by my side and feel inspired to make your own changes, the good kinds of course.

Let's tell the truth together, one post at a time.

Photo creds: Rodolfo Sanches- Carvalho @ Unsplash

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