A Simple Reason Why You Should Accept Your Limits

December 27, 2017

I care too much about the sanity of my own mind and the edurance of my body to even try to push beyond my limits. I'm the kind of person who would rather take it slow and steady rather than to stress out my body too much to get where I want. Call me lazy, entitled, spoiled but that's just me.

We're grown to believe that hardwork gets you outcome. Which is completely true, but you have to know where your limits stand rather than working until you fall ill and start making careless mistakes because you're tired all the time. What are you doing to your body? Why are you pushing it so darn hard to achieve something that might not matter in 10 years time?
Small steps, as I mentioned in my previous posts. Small steps that could take you to someplace great. And that's what I've been doing for the past few months. Taking small steps that could inevitably make bring out the bigger achievements. Some say it's the longer route to get to place but I say enjoy the journey.

Your mind, body, and soul is a beautiful thing, protect it.

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There are companies out there who work their employees to the bone. They literally leech off your skills, and you get barely enough for the work you're doing. My question to those companies are, haven't they learned from the past mistakes of other failing companies? We get it, things need to get done, but shouldn't they be focusing on the quality rather than quantity of the work? Just a thought to put out there to those CEO's who happen to be reading this. The employees who work in those kinds of companies deserve an enjoyable, relaxing vacation. Give it to them.

Go ahead and test your limits, but accept them wherever they are. Everyone has their own set of limits for certain things, be it physical or mental. You need to know them, understand them, and accept them. You're not superman/woman. You're a human being who needs to eat, take a walk, have social interactions, and sleep.

Honestly, it's almost the end of the year, you better have a good meal and take a long nap after reading this post.

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