One Way to Cope with Being Impatient

March 25, 2018

I have come to understand that I'm one of those impatient humans. When plans don't go as planned, especially when it comes to timing, you'll hear something fall on the floor, a door banging shut, or snarky comments about your tardiness. That's been me ever since I was a little girl — my family can testify to that statement. But the voice that always comes to me when I'm in this mood is my mom, "Patience, Nada, patience," she used to tell me that over and over again when I things wouldn't go my way. But, I've learned to cope with being impatient, and I'm learning to do so every day my patience gets tested, which was so hard!

As I've grown, I learned to control my temper and impatience by letting the steam run and convincing myself that the situation doesn't really matter. Because it really doesn't most of the time.

I was supposed to meet a friend of mine for a cup of coffee one day at 4 PM. I got to the cafe at 4 PM and began to watch the clock tick.
4:10, I think I should people-watch while waiting. 
4:20, hmm he must be looking for parking, I better call to check up. 
4:30, argh, he said he would be here in 10 minutes, it's been 10 minutes! Where the hell is he?!

At that point, although I'm annoyed, anxious, and tempted to just leave, I convince myself that this could be an opportunity for me to reflect on my thoughts. Usually, I fill up the waiting time by doodling on my bullet journal or on a tissue, — which is great too by the way — it keeps my mind occupied and creative juices flowing. So his tardiness doesn't matter much anymore.

That's me every time I meet up with people. It's not that I come early, it's that they come so late that I end up waiting half an hour doodling. Plus, I'm so nice that I say "It's okay," when they apologize for their tardiness. Which is mostly okay because I got a chance to doodle and reflect. Win-win!

| Checkered Shirt & Necklace - H&M | Cardigan & Bag - Forever 21 |
| Jeans - Bershka | 

Photo creds: The Silver Kick Diaries (Thanks, girl!)

Making the most of our wasted time.  

We go around chasing time, but we forget to really live in time. I've adapted to that lifestyle, kind of, and have been guilty of being tardy to some meetings myself, and that's mostly because I would instead enjoy my time getting ready than rushing all the time, who needs that right? The fact that I'm learning to appreciate and live in time keeps me in check with my temper, really. You wouldn't want to see me at my worst, my aura can get all kinds of crazy.

So whether I'm waiting around for someone to come or waiting for time to pass so darn quickly, the best way to cope with your impatience is to make the most out of the time in between, especially when you're waiting for them tardy-folk.

If I'm late to any meetings with Y'all, I'm sorry, but I was too busy enjoying every moment of getting ready. So maybe you can use the waiting time and make the most out of it, what do you all think?


PS. Posting up some of these oldies outfit photos we took last summer.

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