Are You Ready to Give 2017 a Good Whack?

2016 ends in less than a week, we're wrapping up our accounts, ticking off the final things that need to be done, and giving our thanks to all who have made our year. But there is still quite a bit that needs to be done.

December marks a time of reflection and creation of new goals. What better to end the year feeling accomplished for the little things rather than dreary about the unfinished. So, let's do this together. Open up an empty Google Doc file, MS Word file, or go old school with a notebook and pen, and let's get to the finishing line.

So, are you ready to get hit by 2017? or are you ready to give it a good whack?

Meditate Peace

I was reading Gabby Bernstein's book last night; trying to catch up to my Goodreads Reading Challenge. And I got to the chapter where she mentioned Maharashi Maheshi Yogi's prophecy. 

Maharashi theorized that when groups of people meditate together with shared intentions of peace, their alpha brain waves become synchronized. The coherence of brain waves then causes people who are not meditating to receive the same properties in their subconscious minds. – Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has My Back

As I was meditating today, I recalled what Gabby had written and I began to picture that I was with a group of people. We were sitting and meditating peace. I could feel the energy oozing and goosebumps started to grow. I could feel something lit up inside me, no idea what it was but it felt great. I feel like it's one of those spiritual experiences that sort of stick with you, you know?

Keep Your Passion Train Going

The colder it gets, the more I want to stay in bed with a nice cup of hot coco, and binge watch Empire. Alas, the bills and subscriptions must be paid, and the passion train must keep going! Choo Choo!

Let's Try This Again

"I have nothing to wear!"

No doubt everyone screams out this line at least once a week every time they look into their closet. It's a struggle when your mind can't pair that blouse with those pants since you've already worn it a dozen times in the past month. At the point of contemplation in deciding whether to just head out and buy a new pair of jeans, a voice swoops by and says:

Simple Words to Make a Point

Have you ever had to listen to a whole speech from someone after you've told them about your latest breakup? An existential crisis? Or how you hate your job? When maybe you just want to hear the words "It's going to be okay." instead of a speech. I'm one in many of those people who recite a line or three from a self-help book when friends tell me that their life sucks, I can't help it sometimes. But what if we say what we mean in simple words; instead of giving a motivational speech, to make a point?

Let's make it simple for all of us.

Appreciate the Change

I found myself scrolling through Facebook one morning when I came across a status from a friend. It was a list comparing how she was in 1995 and now. When I asked her to give me a year to compare, she chose 2012. Looking back at the years that have gone by and comparing the successes of then and now, is such an amazing way to appreciate the change. So, for this post, I thought I'd see how much time has changed
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