Are You Ready to Give 2017 a Good Whack?

December 26, 2016

2016 ends in less than a week, we're wrapping up our accounts, ticking off the final things that need to be done, and giving our thanks to all who have made our year. But there is still quite a bit that needs to be done.

December marks a time of reflection and creation of new goals. What better to end the year feeling accomplished for the little things rather than dreary about the unfinished. So, let's do this together. Open up an empty Google Doc file, MS Word file, or go old school with a notebook and pen, and let's get to the finishing line.

So, are you ready to get hit by 2017? or are you ready to give it a good whack?

Your 2016 New Years Resolutions

Answer these questions honestly;

List down your five major goals in 2016
What are the five goals that you set for yourself at the beginning or middle of the year? Arrange them according to priority and how big they are. Take your time with this one, think about it, don't rush.

How much of it have you ticked off?
Some people get an overwhelming excitement or accomplishment whenever they tick off something from a list, so it's okay if you ticked off just one out of the five, and it's okay if you ticked them all.  

Have you made a real effort in your resolutions? How?
Whether it's signing up for a gym or calling up a friend. Have you done something to move you forward with achieving those goals?

Reread what you've written, accept it, and let it sink in.

Your 2017 New Years Resolutions

Be honest and listen to your gut;

List down five things you aim to do in 2017. It can be small or big. (Leave a space between the points for the next question)
Whether it's running 5k, or writing down the good little things of the day for the whole year. Look deep and think of one challenge you want to achieve in 2017. Be brave and fearless!

List down 2 ways that will get those resolutions ticked off. (Use the space you left from the question above)
This will give you an insight on the road you'll be taking when moving closer to those goals. Whether it's starting up a freelance business, or buying a notebook to start journaling every day. Write it down and allow yourself to see the road that you built for you to walk on, or run. 

Write your mantra for the year
When you feel scared to take the next step or when hope is sinking, find a mantra to help you keep going and give you a boost. It can be a quote, a word, or a phrase like; "I carry love wherever I go," "Let's do this," "I look for the good in all," "Action conquers fear." If you're not so sure about what mantra to choose, look at the list over here, and pick one that makes your heart thump. 


Will you do all you can to make 2017 another year to remember?
Many of us want to make a year the year. We want to travel, drop those remaining pounds, and maybe start something new and stick with it. So maybe this is the year to do that. 2017 will be the year you finally drop those pounds, travel to 5 different countries, and to stick with the change you made. 

You got this! Be badass, shameless, fearless, and brave!

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