Appreciate the Change

December 5, 2016

I found myself scrolling through Facebook one morning when I came across a status from a friend. It was a list comparing how she was in 1995 and now. When I asked her to give me a year to compare, she chose 2012. Looking back at the years that have gone by and comparing the successes of then and now, is such an amazing way to appreciate the change. So, for this post, I thought I'd see how much time has changed
2012 and 2016

Age: 18
Now: 22

Body Goal: Small thighs and arms and flat belly
Now: Healthy lifestyle

Relationship Status: Single, crushing on everyone, and a hopeless romantic
Now: Still single but found my own love in a way

Countries Traveled: 3
Now: 5 (6 if we count the Heathrow Airport)

Job: In Uni with the dreams of becoming a Chef or a Writer
Now: Pursuing my dreams as a writer but my dreams of kitchens and knives have sunk down

Blog: Interested in ALL
Now: Nada Más Que Amor

Books Read in 2012: 41
Now: 26

Coffee Intake: Only to keep me awake during Finals
Now: None, I take tea

Yoga Routine: Every other month
Now: Every other day

Daily OOTD: Elephant Jeans or Skinny Jeans, T-shirt, Converse
Now: Skinny Jeans or Leggings, Flowy Blouse, Sneakers/Flats + Learned to accessorize

I've said in many of my posts that change is a good thing, and looking back at it strikes up a little something in your soul that gets you all choked up. Come to think of it, we're all still growing, living, achieving, and as another 4 years pass by we'll change even more. When we look back you'll realize that you're so grateful for all the shit life has put you through, otherwise, you wouldn't be the person you are to today. So Appreciate the Change, my readers, just say thank you. <3

| Tee - Forever 21 | Jeans - Bershka |
| Shoes - H&M | Watch - Parfois |

Photo Creds: Shabana Feroze

For now, let's look back at the years before, appreciate the how much we've really changed, be proud of it, and enjoy the rest of 2016.

PS. Casual tee, jeans, and sneakers, iced tea, and Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do it. It was hot that day.


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