Struggles and Trust

August 13, 2016

These past few weeks I've been laying back and walking in my flats instead of heeled boots. As much as I want my ass to look amazingly firm whenever I wear heels, I can't convince myself to put on these heels and endure the aches on my soles and my ankles. So, flat shoes and ballet flats, or even flip flops have been my go-to footwear; unless of course I have somewhere important to be and people to impress. So I make due with what I got on and trusted that it would make me feel fabulous!

Speaking of people to impress, it's been sort of a struggle finding something secure; regarding my job hunt as a writer or editor. Unfortunately, with multiple new businesses that start up in Bahrain, it is still a struggle to find a secure position in the publishing industry. I'm honestly so disappointed, but I'm trying not to let it get the better of me, we're stronger than that remember?

With many emails and follow-ups later, I am left, once again, with silence in my inbox and the urge to call these companies and beg for a job. But, there is a part of me that believes that the universe will move me towards something better.

Trust in the Little Opportunities

It may feel like life has stopped, and a wall has been set down, but there have been little opportunities that could remind you of your goals. Opportunities that keep you in check and tell you that there will be something better coming. Take on those opportunities, be them little or not, and trust in that.

Every little thing matters, it could make a difference in your life. 

On my side, I'm taking whatever opportunities that have some say in what I believe in, which is love for life, love for nature, and love in general. I believe that this will bring me closer to attracting that big opportunity.

Trust your Gut

Your gut is one of the most incredible gifts you'll ever get. Listen to it, understand it, and trust it. There are times when we; including me, forget to listen to it. When it's screaming NO at a decision of whether to take on an opportunity or not, we either confuse the bad feeling for a yes or we don't acknowledge it at all. And that's okay, we're bound to make mistakes, how else would we learn to understand it?

Make as many mistakes as you want but remember to learn from it because your gut is a powerful tool you could ever possess. (Cue dramatic background music)

| Shirt, Cardigan, Bag - Forever 21 | Jeans - Bershka |
| Pendant - Aldo | Watch - Parfois |

My fabulous readers, let's be great together. Trust in the little opportunities to remind you and take you to where you want to go, and trust your gut to help you along the way. If you're struggling, trust in the universe, something better will come along. And trust in you for making that something happen.

Stay fabulous y'all, be it in comfy flats or high heels.


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