Arhaus, Living the Dream

August 22, 2016
Arhaus Feature: Living the Dream

Creating the right space for your home, that's comfortable, cozy, and presents the right aura you want to give out when guests come over, is essential. The right space filled with colors and good energy, and the right space that could feel like home.

The living room set I put together is called "Living the Dream," for when we achieve what need to achieve and are literally living our dream. To get us prepared, why not start decorating now?

The set is focused on the main piece which is the cream colored sectional sofa from Arhaus. The design is perfect for an experimental and simple home owner, like me and a few others out there, who gets the urge to spruce up their rooms with colors and elegance every time inspiration strikes.

There are many ways you can work around the basic sofa. Of course, it all depends on the wall paint, flooring, etc., but still. It's easy to match colors with a nude based color, and I went with the ones that popped; teal and red. A beautiful combo, don't you think?

To add in more life into the room, I hung framed photos of an affirmation, "Stay Positive," the waves, and of course a teal colored illustration to give it that boho feel that I'm loving right now.

I'm probably going to change the color scheme of the room in the next 6 months if I physically had this room. Which is mostly okay since I won't have to change the whole couch, since that would be a pain. 

Arhaus is a furniture company who designs great usable products, with little design features. From their sectional sofas to their beds & headboards, it's easy to see the beauty in their products is built for the future!

They have also made a commitment to the earth's resources, by developing unique and functional pieces from recycled natural resources and have made an additional commitment to never use wood from the endangered forests of the world.

How often do you change the look of your rooms?
Will you start making your dreams into reality?
Inspire me with your words in the comments!

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