Remember What You Stand For

August 2, 2016

You say that you're healthy and enjoy working out, and you say that you're positive and meditate every day but, there come's a few days or maybe even a week when you fall off the wagon. When you eat junk food and workout less,  and when you're stressed and can barely sit to breathe. And when you think about what you stand for; whether you're healthy, positive, etc., doesn't it feel like a lie?

YouTubers, Bloggers, and other influential people out there who stand for being badass, healthy, confident, and all that jazz, who has a group of followers that aspire to be just like them. So much so that they follow their routines, dress like them, and talk like them; guilty over here! People like Shameless Maya, or Chiara from Bold Self, or even Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. These type of people stand for something, and the world follows their lifestyle hoping to be just like them but, I'm sure they fall off the wagon too sometimes.

When you fall off and think negatively of yourself, eat until you're bloated, and stay home to watch Netflix all day for the rest of the week, it's okay. There is absolutely no harm in climbing back into that shell of yours now and then.

It's Only Human 

Falling off the wagon is one of those things that make's us human. After those months and maybe even years of being someone we would be proud of is exhausting so, there's a day or two when you need to go back and recharge our emotions, thoughts, and soul before you get back into the person you're proud to call "me." 

Ride the Wave

For those who've been there, you know that it's hard not to feel like you're useless to the world. When you find that you don't want to get out of bed in the morning, have been neglecting your planner, or have been eating food that isn't goog for you, and at times, it's unavoidable.  We suddenly find ourselves in that slump, and that's okay! It really is! When it comes to these things, we just have to sit back, relax and ride the wave up to the last big one.

Get Back into the Grove

Stepping away from what you stand for and from your usual routine doesn't usually last long. There was a point, quite recently, when I would stay in bed with a box of Kellogs' Frosties and binge watching Gilmore Girls and the longest it's gone was two weeks, and by the middle of week 2, I was slowly started to get back into the grove of my usual routine with planning my day.

As fun as it was, there came a time when it would feel too much that my mind began to itch for productivity. When you feel like you're finished with recharging your mind, body, and soul, it's time to get back into the grove of your routine that makes you, you. 

| Denim, Bag & Shoes  - Forever 21 | Shirt - Tigerlily  |
| Jeans - Bershka | Belt - New Look | 

Photo creds: Shabana Feroze

The world is filled with beautiful people with incredible minds who can do and accomplish great things, and do you think that they do that without having a break? A break is what you need if you feel like staying home for the day, or even the week. So, take the time to recharge your mind, body, and soul. Lounge at home, eat food that makes you feel happy and do nothing all day. Let yourself have this time to remember why you stood for what you stand for, just do n't forget to come out of it.

The world needs you and your beauty, and we need you refreshed and revitalized. 


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