3 Points to Overcome Your Anger

August 29, 2016

It sucks that one week back I was very aggravated, annoyed, and angry at the world and everyone around me. Anger keeps us still and mentally motionless. We're unable to move forward nor back because our minds are focused on the intense, angry energy that's boiling up.

Think of it like someone pushing down your shoulders as hard as they can, and as much as you try to get them off you, you can't because they're ten times stronger than you are; metaphorically, of course. And the only way to get rid of it is to let it out, scream at them for pushing your shoulders down, frantically moving about for them to release their pressure to lift their hands eventually away from your shoulders.

So how do we overcome our anger? How can we scream at the person for pushing down our shoulders?

Acceptance and Avoidance

Everything begins with acceptance and acknowledgement. Know what ticks you off, and that you're ticked off. Know that you're angry and annoyed and accept it. Bottling in these feelings – especially strong ones like anger – will end up being big and messy once it pops.

You can start by understanding the ticks and clicks to your anger, and then avoid it. I know it's tough but small steps moves you closer. Avoid the possibility of you blowing up at that person at the counter. Literally take a step back or walk away. There is no reason for you to attack that person unless they've done something severe and requires some confrontation.

"Some obstacles are meant to be jumped."

Let it Out with a Habit

My schedule tends to get all over the place. So much so that I barely do yoga every day; and we all know that an inactive yoga routine equals stress and aggravation. So what can we do? Let it all out. 

Developing a physical habit helps you destress and let out all that anger that's been bottling up. Whether it's running, hiking, yoga, or even drawing. Focusing your negative energy on a physical activity would be the best choice than letting it out on someone else. Hurt feelings and regret and all, which is what we don't want.


Habits can't be started without determination. Even after a long ass day and when your eyes are just ready to shut closed, I make it a point to do 5 minutes of meditation; at least try to, a day or every other day. Even if I was supposed to do 10 minutes.

"Determination is the key to unlock your potential to be great"

Having Determination is key to anything and everything. Literally. Without it, the world would be a quieter place. If you're determined to stop spreading all of the negative anger and aggravation, then, by all means, do something about it. 

These simple points won't guarantee an outcome of a full-fledged monk. Being angry is a natural thing and it's okay to go through it, but if you feel like it's getting too much, then accept that you're angry, let it all out, and then be determined to do something about it. 

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Last week, I did the only thing I knew, meditate, and with that, I became aware of my breath, mind, and let's say, my soul. It helped and diminished most of my frustrations. And simply enough, that helped me overcome most of my anger. I was no longer aggravated at the world, nor was I annoyed at everyone around me. I felt calmer and more intact. I felt like I could move again.

Let's not revolve our lives around anger and all that negativity. Let's be calm together. Let's spread the love and the good energy. That's one way to reach the stars.

You got this!


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