4 Holiday Gifts with Long Term Value

December 14, 2015

It is the time of the year for giving and staying within the cloud of cheer. Let's keep out smiles bright and merry, and be grateful for the people around us by gifting them something worthwhile this Holiday Season.

I adore gift giving as much as anyone in the holiday spirit. Even if I'm handing a beautifully wrapped box to a complete stranger, my heart begins to flutter with butterflies with the idea. One of the major dilemmas every holiday season; and during birthday's too, is what to get. As part of a collaboration with Dollar Shave Club I came up with a few ideas to help solve this annual question.

So let's get down to business. Look back at the gifts people gave you, do you still have most of them? When I think back, I realize that some gifts have been used up while the rest either broke or got expired. So, how about, instead of gifting your friends and family with things that expire or break easily and have expensive repair options. How about we gift them something that could last for years to come.

Here is a little gift guide for gifts with long-term value:

1. Plain Scarf

If you're not sure what type of scarf they like, just go for the solid colors. When in doubt, go with the holiday colors. Green, red, maybe black or white too. Or just opt for their favorite color or the color they wear often.

2. A Watch

Watches could last for years. If it breaks, it can easily be fixed. Watches make a great investment and an elegant gift, they can be personalized too. Check out the ones by MikaLush on Etsy

3. Personalized Jewelry

Etsy has dozens of personalized jewelry that you can browse through. Either it's a pendant or their name that's woven through the necklace, personalized jewelry make such a meaningful gift that will make anyone blush. Check out the ones by Cavare on Etsy & Happy Way Jewelry on Etsy

4. You. Your support. Your services. Your gratitude. Your love.

I know it's cliche, but it's true. You presence and living self is the greatest gift you could give to your family and closest friends. Not to be vain or filled too much with yourself but, give your mom and dad a hug this Christmas and say thank you, for everything. Make them feel loved and grateful for life.

Remember to be grateful for every day that passes.
Stay humble, y'all.
Happy Holidays!

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