The Little Goals

December 21, 2015

Well let's round it up shall we!

It's been over a month since I set these plans, and I wanted to round up my Year-End goals at least a week before the final week of the year. I feel like everything that happened this year came rushing back with the new year on it's way. Oh, so many feels...

So let's get down to it and see how we did these past 7 weeks.

1. Finish 5 books before the year end's. Well majority of it... I've finished three books since we set this goal. Losing it by Cora Carmack, The Kings Curse by Philippa Gregory, and Twice Lost by Sarah Porter 

2. Go for a run. Went once the past 7 weeks, and that was with my mom. She power-walked while I jogged beside her.

3. Deliver two more speeches in my Toastmasters club before the year ends.
I stated this plan before I realized that we only had about two Toastmaster meetings in the past 7 weeks, so that didn't give me much time to prepare and deliver a good speech. I also realized that if I want to deliver a speech, I'd rather do it properly than look sloppy.

4. Sketch a portrait.
 I sat down for a good couple of hours on and off for two days, just drawing and playing around with water colors. It was refreshing. Here is one of it.

5. Take more outfit photo's. Done and Done!

If you took part in this little challenge, how did you do? Was it progressive? It sure was to me. This little list helped me get back on track. I feel pretty accomplished now that I reread through the goals. Despite how small these accomplishements are, I think this proves that it's the little things that can really brighten that aura of yours. 

Keep making goals and keep attacking them on at a time. 
Continue to be fierce and badass! 

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