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December 4, 2014

Blogmas Day 4

*cue instrumental Christmas songs*

Last night, our Toastmasters club had a little club competition. It was a Humorous and Table Topics – which is when the host gives the speaker a topic which they have to speak about on the spot, in under 2 minutes – speech competition. I was competing in both of them. 

I had to also write a humorous speech – which I finalized just the day before – for the humorous contest. I wrote that I was freaking out about it on this post. And I had also said that I would like to at least try to place in something this year, since I barely even tried with speech contests. I never really saw the point of it all.

But yes, I did try. I rehearsed and rehearsed whenever I could – which is while driving home, or doing my make up. And on the day, I got to the venue early to rehearse some more. I didn't feel like I was ready, but the entire night I felt like "Meh, whateves. Does it really matter if I forget my speech?" So the entire night I went on feeling like the happiest, jolliest person there. It was my way of covering up that I was nervous and freaking out as hell. Smiling all the time, hopping around, flipping my hair – you know, weird stuff that people do when they're jolly. 

And when it was my turn. I suddenly went blank. I completely forgot my speech. COMPLETELY. I just stood in front of everyone for a good whole minute trying to remember what I was shouting out at home, in my car, and while doing my make up. But I breathed and smiled like I was about to laugh – because I was – then I remembered what I was going to say. 

I won 2nd place in the humorous contest. I was literally expecting someone else to win, but yay for 2nd place. 

Now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Next month – which is next year!! >.< – there is going to be another competition in which I will have to write an International speech – which basically is speech that's deep, heart felt, and meaningful. Yay for that too.

Oh and what do you guys think of pairing a sweater with a blazer? I really like it. It looks so smart, like a grad student or something. I'm so happy it's cold enough not to sweat through three layers of clothing. 

| Blazer - Forever 21 | White Button up - Next | 
| Pants - Bershka | Shoes - Paprika |

 How is everyone's day going so far? Doing good I hope! 

Have a jolly day!
And remember to keep that frown upside down! :D 

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