It's a June Coral

June 18, 2014

Faith. Faith that one day I'll find the love my sister and her very recent husband have for one another. A love that is pure and honest.

Last night was the marriage celebration/wedding/party. I honestly have no idea how they officially call these events in muslim traditions. But Is a wedding still a wedding without the priest and an alter? Is a marriage celebration another form of weddings? These arab/muslim customs are just so confusing. Nothing seems straight to the point or have a certain order/agenda. Nonetheless, let's call this night, a night to celebrate a newly found couple who have now become one, and all that jazz.

From morning up until this early Wednesday morning, have been one hell of a busy day. From decorating the parties venue, to buying flowers, picking up the cake, doing make up, and driving 40 minutes away from home to celebrate the loving couples marital status. It was fun. It's always fun to be busy, especially when one is busy helping others in need of help and organization in planning an event such as this.

I initially bought two dresses for the celebration since I couldn't decide which one to wear. Eventually I did, and fortunately for my eldest sister, she had a brand new dress to borrow.

Thinking I would run out of energy during the night, I decided to go in my flats than my ankle strap heels. Despite how gorgeous they looked both on and off me, I had brought the pumps in a little baggie just in case I decide to change out of my flats. It fortunately didn't happen, and my feet are definitely happy with not being squeezed and tortured all night.

Creds to Sasha for the photos! :3

| Dress - H&M | Belt & Necklace - Aldo | Shoes - H&M | Scarf - Gifted |

One day, we will all feel the rush of love one gets with their soulmate/significant other.

The night was filled with with nada más que amor. :)

And a bonus feature from one of my favorite movies. 
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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