What you Wanted still is What you Want

May 30, 2016

When I graduated from High School about 7 maybe 8 years back, the two things I wanted to be was a Chef or a Journalist. I remember the feeling of being in my culinary bubble and always turning to the kitchen to bake whenever I was feeling lost. It was peaceful. Of course, things happen and my peace turned to yoga and to writing. It's unavoidable, we grow. 

After spending years in University studying your butt off to eventually get a good paying job with benefits, and after living with a job for a few years, there comes a time when you think about what you used to want to do and be. The feeling of nostalgia rushes through you like flames and you discover that what you wanted still is what want. The question here now is; what's stopping you from going towards what you want? 

Banana Leaves & Palm Prints

May 2, 2016

Whenever I go on Pinterest or Tumblr, one of the main things that I reblog and pin are elegant fashion pieces, boho-chic attire, and my dream house goals. I'm in the age where everyone around me is getting married and having babies, and I'm just here saving up my money to buy a house and furniture.

As far as I got to designing my own interior, is my room, and I've already maximized the space I got when decorating. Each four corners of the room have its own theme and feel to it. One side has the yogi feel, the other a boho feel, a successful badass feel, and the final side would be my free space for most of my hoarding properties. Yes, unfortunately, I like to keep every glass bottle, Starbucks cup, and moisturizer container I used up; you have no idea how useful they can be.

The best thing about having my own empty space to design is using whatever interior design skill I picked up and going at it like a blank canvas to a painter. Plus, it's refreshing to actually sit in a space that radiates positivity and good vibes. So very very refreshing!