A Hat's Fabulosity

May 27, 2015

There is something about this hat that makes me feel so fabulous. Maybe it's because I've never own one until now. I've always gone into stores that sell these type of hats like Forever 21 and H&M, and I would try them on, walk around the store with it, but never made any implication to actually purchase one. 

When I went into that newly opened H&M store in SM Makati, Philippines, the inclination to shop 'till you're almost at the peak of your budget was there and so the need to purchase everything I lay eyes on was stirring. And then I saw a whole wrack of those hats and my heart leaped. My fingers twitched with every hat I picked up. I had to get one, I just hat to (pun-intended). 

With my hair dyed dark purple; which I'm completely in love with by the way, it feels like an almost the perfect combo with the hat. It makes me think I look like a fabulous witch, but perhaps I'll need a bigger hat and brighter hair to actually look like one. 


| Blouse - Stradivarious | Leggings - Cotton On
 | Hat - H&M | Boots - Forever 21 | Watch - Aldo |
Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

By the time you read this, I would most probably be in Dubai for yet another Toastmaster Convention. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for opportunities to take outfit photos while I'm there. 

Find things that make you feel fabulous, and relish in that fabulosity. 


Deviant Art and Floral Pictureque

May 22, 2015

I've been taking photos since I got my first actual camera is 2007. It was one of those small digital cameras that never really had a proper lens which made it impossible to manually focus on anything. Nonetheless, I did enjoy my previous two digital cameras before the Nikon DSLR came long – which isn't even mine. 

It was Deviant Art (dA) that got me into taking photos of flowers, the sky, etc. My sisters and I were obsessed with dA back then. Those were the days when the internet was taking over our lives. And our transition from going outside and playing with water balloons to constantly facing a screen involved taking photos, editing them on photoshop CS3, and posting them up on dA. 

The artists who would spend hours digitally painting a Harry Potter character or Photo Manipulating a fantasy world was what inspired me to find my own creativity and contribute my work to the website. I went from traditional artwork to comics to photo manips and then finally becoming a nature photographer – I've always loved that title even if I'm not a certified photographer, but who needs to be one these days anyway. 

I thought I'd share some of my work from this little hobby of mine. Like how I get with blogging and reading other blogs, I got a sense of peace whenever I take and edit photos like these. It gets me in the zone if you know what I mean. Perhaps these photos of flowers were the start of my floral obsession. 

For more Photos: Anglelight

I still can't believe it's almost been 10 years since I joined that Deviant Art and I still can't believe that I would have the drive to post up something new at least once or twice every year.

Snap a photo of a little piece of nature you come across today. The sky, the sun, a rock, a flower, a leaf, and maybe even grass. Snapchat it, facebook it, instagram it, tweet it, do it all. Y'all can use the hashtag #lovefornature and let's see how much love we can spread. 

Have an awesome day!


Summer in an Aquarium

May 13, 2015

An alternative to going to beaches during the summer is visiting a marine theme park with a huge aquarium that has ample air conditioning. 

These were taken at the Manila Ocean Park aquarium. The first time I went to this park was back in 2010 with my family. This time it was just with my siblings and my best friend Michelle, which was a lot more fun since we were in control of where to go and which shows to see. It feels nice being independent even if it's just in a marine park. 

Since it was hot in the Philippines, and I knew I would sweat through my clothes and would probably get a tan from walking outside trying to catch a taxi, so I went for my Hogwarts tank, white shorts and, of course, my sneakers.

| Shirt - Hot Topic | Shorts - Forever 21
| Shoes - Sketchers
Photo cred: Michelle Salvatierra

I'm highly looking forward to a fun summer by a beachside and/or a pool sipping mango juice while the sun shines high and bright. 

What are you looking forward to this summer? 


Some of Makati City and Mall of Asia

May 6, 2015

I was in the Philippines for just 10 days and it felt like more than that. One of the main reasons why I went was to see my best friend, Michelle and some of my family, whom I haven't seen in about three years. 

The other reason was because of the scenery. Even if we just stayed in city; which was gorgeous, by the way, there were a still a whole lot of nature to go around and be appreciated. 

Here are some photos from Makati City, Manila and the scenery from Mall of Asia.

Photos by: Najla Qamber, Ludee Gem Figueroa, and Me 

Some of us may feel trapped in the country we're currently living in and have this need to travel.
How often do you guys travel?


Those Floral Leggings

May 4, 2015

From galaxy leggings to floral ones. Oh, I think I'm in love.

It's not just the pattern that make my eyes ogle out of my eye holes like a cartoon character, but also the fact that these leggings are super comfy that I have this urge to wear them every single day but I don't because that'll be gross. 

I bought these pants not knowing what I could pair it with. I basically bought it because I thought the pattern looked pretty. Thankfully, I packed this plain baby pink tee with me to the Philippines. Phew. Though my choice in shoes could've been better. These sneakers are the comfiest shoes I own, they've gone through hell with me and they still look brand new, but I do wish I had them in a different color. 

 | T-shirt - Forever 21 | Pants - Trifted
| Shoes - Sketchers | Infinity Necklace - Gifted |

Photo creds: Michelle Salvatierra

I made my best friend, Michelle, snap some outfit photos for me while I stayed in the Philippines, and I'm not sure if it's just the golden hour or her camera that made these photos look gorgeous.

What are your thoughts on patterned leggings?