Do You Host Blame-Shame Parties?

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Throughout these months, I've realized that I feel more in tune with my intuition than I did a year ago. I trust in it more and it feels like we're more partners than simple friends we were before. We've grown through mistakes and lots of crying, but I'm glad we're at this place where we're almost one.

Our trip to Europe was an adventure but, I do regret a few things. One of which was being too scared to really follow my gut to go out on my own because I didn't know the language. Being out with the group was hard enough but with their support and translating, I was able to get by. But my image of staying in a cafe, reading, writing, practising calligraphy didn't come to life because I was too fearful of making a fool out of myself in my pronunciations and if I'm honest with myself I do regret that part. 

The instant feeling of regret is blame but there is no one or nothing to blame at all. Why do we always want someone or something to blame? To feel better about ourselves? That never really works out, does it? It always brings up arguments and you'll fight back to make yourself feel superior to the other party. 

"Damn it, fear! Why do you always get in the way?"

Although you genuinely are superior to fear, by putting the blame to it, you're bringing yourself down alongside it. You'll feel awful and sulk in that blame-shame party for a bit and when something else gets your attention, you'll feel great! But when you think about that regret, dan dan dan, that blame-shame party starts again, like a cycle. 

So, I do think about that particular regret from time and again but my thoughts have always managed to overpower my regret with "Definitely, one day, and soon." And that my readers, is forgiveness in it's truest form. 

Forgiveness is one of those decisions that us mere humans are always so fearful of. It's a miraculous decision that allows us to really feel those feeling that we've been repressing and finally with a full heart let that go. Some people find it hard to forgive others since they feel superior over that person. "I'm not going to forgive them. They must make up for it!" you might think, but alas that's the blame-shame party starting up again and it will only grow into that ball of darkness through time. So give it some light. 

What I've grown to learn so far is that regret graciously brings you and your intuition closer. Because we know that when an opportunity raises once again, our intuition and us will hold each other's hand and walk into that cafe, order something in a language you barely know, sit down, and be proud of this moment of achievement.

Go forth, forgive, trust, and love.


My Reasons for Feeling Uncomfortable with my Religion

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Ramadan. It's the ninth month of the Hijri Calendar (Islamic Calendar) where Muslims around the world observe the practice of fasting from sunrise to sunset. It was believed that it was during this month that the Holy book, Qur'an was revealed to the final Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). A form of charity, compassion, empathy is doubled more so if acted upon this month because it is also believed to be one of the holiest months of the year.

It's the last week of Ramadan this week and I — am just going to say it without judgement — have only fasted once in my 24 years on this earth. That's right. I'm one of those "Chicken Nugget" Muslims who don't fast. And the reasons why? Well, let me break it down for you.

There are Miracles and There are Downward Spirals

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Last year, I flew to Kuwait for the first time for a Toastmasters Workshop and had a disturbing experience. It was my second time travelling alone, and although it was another leap, it flew out of hand. I'm not going to go into details about that trip since that's another story to tell, but I will tell you this, there were tears, a cloud of negativity, blood stains, cramps, and anxiety attacks. It was a tough trip that I am ironically grateful that happened in a country that looked like home—legit, with flat houses, sand, sea, and dates trees which makes a typical gulf island. And this year, I had to fly back to Kuwait this May for another Toastmasters Conference, and this time, I flew with the intention of changing my perception of the country.

One Way to Cope with Being Impatient

I have come to understand that I'm one of those impatient humans. When plans don't go as planned, especially when it comes to timing, you'll hear something fall on the floor, a door banging shut, or snarky comments about your tardiness. That's been me ever since I was a little girl — my family can testify to that statement. But the voice that always comes to me when I'm in this mood is my mom, "Patience, Nada, patience," she used to tell me that over and over again when I things wouldn't go my way. But, I've learned to cope with being impatient, and I'm learning to do so every day my patience gets tested, which was so hard!

Truth Comes With One Post At A Time

Sooo... hey Y'all! *guilty wave*

Long time no write. Literally.

Every time I think that I'm ready to dive back into blogging, I go blank. When I have a good topic for a post, I go blank the moment I open up the "New Post" page. But today, I'm fed up. I want to get real with you all today and say this;
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