November 15, 2017

Little Baby Blue Dress That Makes Me Go "Damn Girl!"

Every time I look at these photos, it lights up something inside me. Not trying to sound like Narcissus by the river but it's the dress, where I took these pictures, and the fact that I look and feel hella good in it, *flips hair* that makes me feel fuzzy inside. The little baby blue dress that makes us go Damn Girl!

I wanted to get this up before it got too cold outside—Bahrain cold, not everywhere else cold. So here we have it, in its baby blue glory. The moment I tried this on in the dressing room, I said Damn girl! You look gorgeous! And I was so excited to show it to the world. It's the second piece of clothing I have that's a halter, and it's the type of dress that really suits my body, which I'm pretty happy about. Can I get a high five for that?

I would always feel so glamorous wearing this baby blue beauty. No matter how simple it is, when spruced up with a few accents and some sandals (heeled or otherwise) would look great! And whenever I would slip in on for a dinner party or a beach day—because it can be a beach day wear too—I would just look at myself and say, Girl, You're. So. Fabulous in that dress!. And I feel amazing wearing that dress and saying those things to myself just boosts up my confidence, and I can freely walk down the street and feel GREAT!

| Dress (similar) & Sandals - Forever 21 | Necklace & Watch - Aldo | 
Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Do you have an outfit or a specific dress that when you put on, you can't help but compliment yourself? I love it when that happens.

PS. These shots were taken while I was at Sofitel Sentosa in Singapore this summer, and which was a pretty good trip. The scenery and landscape of that branch of Sofitel were gorgeous. They really put an effort to make it look like a completely different place. I remember feeling relaxed and more than happy to come back home after a few days.

PPS. Bahrain cold could be UK summer, so it barely reaches below 15 degrees Celsius, which is still pretty cold for us. 

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