Your Well Deserved Meh Day

August 14, 2017

Just when we promised ourselves to wake up 2 hours before we're supposed to leave for work or school; two hours to shower, meditate, workout, actually have a proper breakfast, and to take longer getting yourself ready. Let's face it, we've all done this. I've done this about three times since the week started. I've made huge progress from not waking up to my alarms at all to waking up and just staying in bed for an hour. That's what I call taking it one step at a time.

Every single morning, most of us get up and sluggishly walk to the loo to magically transform ourselves into that confident, glamorous, put-together person everyone seems to love. But why? We don’t always need to dress up if we don’t want to. Unless you find pleasure in it, dressing up can be exhausting. So, my dear readers, I'm here to tell you that sometimes it's okay to give yourself a meh day when you don’t need to care what the hell you're wearing and only care about the fact that you're comfortable.

Society puts this idea of when a woman wears heels, she instantly becomes confident. Yeah sure, it does boost up your confidence and valor, but girl, your feet will be in pain by the end of the day. Unless you're comfortable in those gorgeous heels, then by all means, put them on and rock it like a rock star! But if you'd prefer flats or sneakers, invest in something that looks fabulous and comfortable. How about a plain pair of Sketchers?

| Striped Quarter Shirt - Red Tag (an old find) | Jeans - Thrifted |
| Watch - ALDO | Unicorn Pouch - Society6 | Shoes - Sketchers |

Photo Creds by Shabana Feroze

Over here, I'm rocking this striped shirt, black jeans, and my Sketchers with my unicorn pouch as an added bonus to how awesome I feel when I'm comfy and free. This is my basic everyday outfit put together in that hour I have before work, and hell yes, it looks pretty darn good to me because I am hella comfortable in what I wore. Yas!

So, whether it's heels and a dress that makes you comfortable, go ahead and rock that. But if it's leggings, a baggy top, and some flats that do it, go ahead and give yourself permission to take your own meh day because everyone deserves one.

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