Tapping into That Comfort Zone

July 12, 2017

Since I got back from vacationing in Hong Kong and Singapore a few weeks back; which was great by the way, I have found myself doing things a bit outside of my comfort zone. What I thought I was used to and okay with, apparently I wasn't.

You'd think with over 5 years of Toastmastering and Public Speaking that it would be a breeze to speak business with strangers. Nope, I found myself going blank, shaky and sweaty all at once. Does that show my inexperience in the work field? Ah, I think the bigger question here is Would I let it stop me?

I have come to understand that my comfort zone can only go so far at a time. And comparing it to where it was 5 years ago, it got a lot bigger. So, the business talk I've been making is tapping into the walls of my comfort zone. Although it scares me to break down the walls and build it further, we both know that it takes time. And I'm trying to keep it together with this experience right now because I know that I got this and when we close this deal, my comfort zone will be further away than I expect it to be.

I may get nervous and go blank when I talk business with strangers but I'm more likely to try harder to let my ideas and voice get out there than to keep my head down and fade into the shadows. I may not know much about how some things work, but I'm hell not going to let that stop me from understanding it.

| Button Shirt & Shoes - H&M | Jeans - Bershka |
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Photo creds: Shabana Feroze

So, despite where you are with your comfort zone, don't let it stop you from really trying. Even if it's doing one thing that scares you once a week, or once every two weeks, you'll be so glad that you did it. Let yourself understand that you are your only obstacle keeping you from your true potential in making yourself proud.

You got this!

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