The Benefit of Love Notes

November 14, 2016

Do you have post-its around your desk to remind you to do what makes you happy? or that everything is going to be okay?

After I put down The Secret  years back and started to change the way I thought, the first thing I did was create a Vision Board. And when Pinterest came along, quotes with gorgeous backgrounds and intricate fonts came to play, gave me more access to some eye candy; not men of course. Lol.

From there, I began to print them out, write them down, and stick them all over the room and my desk. My aim was to be surrounded by quotes and positive energy, and I made it so it happened. Years later, I'm still surrounded by faded post-it notes and printouts, with new love notes and reminders that life is better than it seems. 

In the Mornings

The first thing we do when we get up in the morning is to look through our notifications. We lounge in bed for a good 30 minutes just scrolling...up, up, up. How about scrolling through the hashtag of #selflove or #inspireme, you'd be surprised by how many motivational quotes there are floating around social media. It's endless. You'd be surprised at how much energy you'll feel when you take those first steps in the morning.

Love notes are all around, you'll never miss them. 

Daily Love in your Inbox

Newsletters from Gala Darling, Gabby Bernstein, Chiara Mazzucco, and even The Secret, will give you love letters in your inbox with links, updates, and most of all, words to inspire you. I sign up for these newsletters for this purpose mostly. I love it because almost every day, I get my little dose of inspiration from one of these amazing ladies.

Save them, tweet them, and share them.

Stick them up EVERYWHERE

When I say everywhere, I don't mean everywhere literally, I mean places where you look at the most. I get up every morning and walk towards my mirror before I head to the bathroom, and so I have a post-it that's been there for over a year that says "One step at a time." And I have a note right above my desk so whenever I look up to think I see the words "You know." 

Stick notes up in places you look at the most. So when you do look up, you read a love note sent to you from you to remind you that you can be stronger and do better.

Do a Random Act of Kindness

A dare from the 52 Dares Challenge that I took on last year was to do a random act of kindness and my random act was to leave love notes on the windshields of random cars. Notes like "The sun is shining today, shine with it," or "Smile with your heart." 

Share the love and love will bounce back

Pick up a pen and paper, jot down a few words of inspiration for yourself in the days to come. It'll help you move forward and keep you going. Write your own little love notes and make good use of them.


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