Two Years and We're Evolving

March 31, 2016

There was a point on the blog when I would just talk about the weather in every post. I would remark about how hot it was or how the spring and autumn time are my favorite time of year. Now that I think about it, the weather talk was small talk with my blog. It was my blog and I getting to know each other. With two years since Nada Más Que Amor launched, there is still a lot that'll be evolving through time. There is still a lot that my blog and I need to know about each other, but with every post marks a step forward and it's special.

From talking about the weather and nothing more, to mini-notes of inspiration and lesson of the day. I'm pretty happy to see how far Nada Más Que Amor has got in the span of two years. With evolving outfit posts, DIYs, and fun random posts, the blog began to feel like home. I'm happy with the way everything is turning out, and how much the blog and I are evolving together.

This time, there will be no giveaways no features, just a small note to mark this day as something silently special. Two years have come and gone, and the next 10 or more is coming through bright as ever, and we're ready to take it on. I'll make no promises of future projects that I'll have in store or that I'll blog often, but I will make a promise to continue to surround this blog with nothing but love.

| Dress - Cotton On | Blazer & Bag - Forever 21 | 
| Boots - Call it Spring | Necklace - I am | 

Let us continute to share our life lessions, words of inspiration, and sunny throughts of the day together with every post and every outfit. Speak and do nothing but love. 

Thank you all for the amazing support. You have no idea how much it means to me. 

Lots of love,

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