3 Types of People on Valentines Day

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day y'all!

I feel like communities separate into three types of people on Valentines Day. The first are the people who care so deeply for Valentines, they would spend their week anticipating what their significant other has planned for the night – these are the kind of folks who could go a little mental if they don't get what they were hoping for and they kind of scare me. 

The second are the people who couldn't care less about this not-holiday-holiday. They treat this day like any other day. Valentines has no meaning for them. *high five*

And the third are people who just acknowledge this day by buying themselves a nice bag of the most expensive chocolate, fresh flowers, and sit home to watch a good movie. Or they would buy some chocolates and flowers to randomly give out to their friends and family.  *high tens* 

So half the world cares so much about Valentines, while the other half couldn't care less, but there is that one in the middle who just gives everyone random hugs, chocolates, flowers, and little sweet notes to their friends and family to acknowledge that this is the day of LOVE, so they spread it like wildfire.

Today isn't only about lovely dovey couples on dates, this day could be about sharing and spreading the love with every person you meet. So go on and give someone a nice long hug, because hugs are good for everyone.

|  Blouse - Forever 21 | Skirt - Stradivarious | Shoes - Payless |
| Bag - Forever 21 | Necklace & Rings - Ebay | Watch - SWATCH |

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

With Valentines as inspiration for this outfit. I went with my one and only midi skirt that I love to death, and a black blouse to give the look the feel that I'm into Valentines but not really. So that means I pretty much fall in the third category of people who just acknowledge this day by giving everyone random hugs and pieces of chocolate to everyone. Perhaps I'll leave some for myself before I give it all out. haha. Which of one of the three are you?

Whatever type you are, just take a moment to spread some love to the people around you. Everyone needs to get a little sprinkle of love in their days every now and then.

Spread that love y'all! Spread. that. love! 


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