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December 2, 2014

Blogmas Day 2

Happy Blogmas day 2! *cue Christmas music*

Since most of us have already done our Christmas shopping during Black Friday, all we need to do now is wrap them. Most of the people I know don't really know how to gift wrap. They always wrap it all weirdly with multiple pieces of wrapping paper sticking out everywhere around the box. So maybe you want to improve that way you wrap presents, so that your gift will be more appealing to the eyes and would make the receiver excited to find what's inside – I know I'd be super excited to receive a beautifully wrapped present. 

Well you're in for a treat. Today, I bring to you all a simple DIY project, How to gift wrap. 

Let's go for something simple, like a box. I got this Doctor Who mug for my sister – who's a Doctor Who fan here? Say "I" – for Christmas. She already knows that I got it for her so I wasn't too worried about her seeing this post. ehehehe

What you will need

1. A gift (preferably in a shape of a box)
2. Some wrapping paper
3. Tape
4. Scissors
5. Wrapping tissue (optional) 

Step one (if you don't need to use wrapping tissue you can skip to Step 2): Stick the wrapping tissue around the mug so it'll be even more secure. 

Step 2: Measure how much wrapping paper you need by wrapping the paper around the box. And cut. 

It should look like this. 

Step 3: Place the box in the bottom middle of the rectangular paper, but make sure to leave some space at the bottom. 

Step 4: That space you left at the bottom, pull that over the box and tape it tight. 

Step 5: Now flip it over so that the excess paper faces you and the one you just folded over faces outward. Then fold that excess paper that's facing you. 

Step 6: Now take that folded part and pull it over the box. 

Step 7: If there is a little bit of excess after you pulled it over the box, fold the paper once towards you to make kind of like a folded paper design.


Step 8: Now tape both sides

Step 9: (You can skip this step if you think everything looks perfect already) I just cut off the excess sides because it was too long to fold. 

It should look something like this!


Step 10: On one side, fold the top bit of the wrapping paper down, and tape it.

Step 11: Now fold the flappy sides to make that one solo triangular flap.


Step 12: With the remaining triangle, fold the top to give it an even looking cut. Then fold it towards the box and tape.


Step 13: Now do the same thing on the other side and you'll end up with something like this! 

Now for the finishing touches. 
Add some ribbons and make it look puuuurdy


And you're done!
I hope you all have successfully wrapped your Christmas presents and I wish you luck on your future gift wrapping endeavors. 
Remember, your wrapping doesn't have to be perfect, because in the end, it's what's inside that really matters. – plus they'll just rip away your hard work, BUT at least it looked BEAUTIFUL! 

Have a jolly day everyone! 

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