Just You: Shabana Feroze

November 18, 2014
Just You, is a little project where a bunch of my favorite people with awesome styles get featured on this platform of mine. This is a week long project that will go on until Friday, 21st November.
The awesome people being featured were asked to style an outfit that makes them feel good and confident about being themselves, and in their own skin. They are to style an outfit that screams out THEM!

Shabana, from The Silver Kick Diaries, is one of my favorite local bloggers. Her style always seem to find it's away to being classy, bold, and colorful. With a plain while dress, Shabana manages to brighten the entire outfit up with a statement red necklace and a red purse. I love it!

Take it away Shabana! :)

When Nada asked me to send her pictures and a write-up about an outfit that is 'Just Me', I had a hard time picking one out. After all, my entire dressing style is 'Just Me', and all my outfits are based on that style. If I had to describe my personal brand of style, it would be elegant, sophisticated and classy, with a touch of quirkiness, playfulness and fierceness at times. I wanted an outfit or an item that embodies all of that.

But which one, which one? Red is my signature color and I have a top that’s red and a skirt that’s red but together they’d look horrific! So what piece of clothing? What outfit? Arrrgh! After cursing Nada in my head and racking my brains, I finally came up with the answer- this white shift dress.

White whispers sophistication, and the pale blue lace adds to it's prettiness. I love bishop sleeves {the poofy sleeves that end in a cuff or gathering at the wrist} and I have a long ongoing love affair with lace. So this outfit is definitely a blend of all things I love. It's even more 'me' because I designed it. I accessorized this look with a magenta clutch and a magenta necklace, to add a playful quirk, and a few pops of color. I kept the heels nude, in line with the dress.

So there it is! The outfit that’s ‘Just Me’. Note to self after this revelation- I need to get more shift dresses. I hate love you Nada!

| Dress - TSKD Designs | Clutch - Zara 
Necklace - Forever21 Shoes - New Look 

I hate love you too, Shabana! 
Make sure to hop on over to Shabana's fabulous blog, for bold outfits and bright smiles.

Comment down bellow with what type of outfit screams you!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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