Just You: Najla Qamber

November 17, 2014
Just You, is a little project where a bunch of my favorite people with awesome styles get featured on this platform of mine. This is a week long project that will go on until Friday, 21st November.
The awesome people being featured were asked to style an outfit that makes them feel good and confident about being themselves, and in their own skin. They are to style an outfit that screams out THEM!

You all may have noticed the name "Najla Qamber" flying around my blog. Yeap, she's my sister. Yeap the married one.

Her style is a little more conservative than mine. Since she has always been the skinniest in the family – which of course I envied – she always had the ability to wear whatever she liked and not care about that bulging belly and oversized thighs, but she didn't. Naj always finds a way to make something revealing into something modest. It's her sense of style that make me second guess when I go out in a short skirt or a deep v-neck.

Everyone please give it up for Najla Qamber! 

Hi Nada Más Que Amor followers! My name is Najla ‘Naj’ Qamber and I’m Nada’s older sister (the one that shared a room with her all her life). Just a short brief about me, I was formerly a book blogger, I love everything about books and graphics design. So, one day I combined the two and founded Najla Qamber Designs. Now, I design book covers for a living and Nada does my accounts. :)

Now, onto the outfit! Long ago (2008 maybe?), my ‘comfy’ styled everyday outfit was a tight striped top (mostly dark colors) with bell bottom tight pants, a random black vest, with an addition of rocker-ish accessories. I was lame and honestly, that was never me.

It took me many years, but I found ‘the’ outfit that just said ‘Naj’. A pastel colored oversized sweater with jeans that color block the entire outfit. This is usually what I wear anytime of the year, cold or shine (It doesn’t rain in Bahrain much - lol). This may sound super weird, but I see long sleeved sweaters as a safety net from any type of weather or air conditioning. I also love looking petite. ;)


| Sweater & Jeans - Ebay Scarf - Splash 
Shoes - H&M 

During serious times, I bring out my CEO/Toastmaster in me and go for a dressy-blazer type of thing. I realized that red compliments my skin tone a lot (correct me if I’m wrong Nada), and it somehow just works well whenever I wear anything in that color.

Here I’m wearing a high low chiffon red dress that gives out that casual and yet formal vibe when topped with a blazer. Plus, feeling something flowy behind me always makes me feel confident and even more so when I wear my kitten heels. I always go for these outfits when I’m at a business or Toastmaster meeting. It brings out my business oriented side: Elegant, independent, serious, business-type of woman.

Those are the two outfits that are ‘me’.

So, followers of the great and beautiful Nada, what outfit screams you?


| Dress - Ebay | Blazer (similar)- Zara
| Shoes - Paprika 

To repeat at what Naj said, 
What outfit screams you? 
You can link it in the comments :) 

Have a great day everyone! 

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