That Rush

September 15, 2014

Went for a slight hippie-boho look that day. I was feeling tuned with my inner chakras with all the yoga I've been forcing myself to do. If I were to actually go all out with the boho feel of an outfit, I would pair up a maxi dress with beads, feathers, and scarves. Oh and I'd completely forget about wearing shoes, since I would want to really get a good feel of the earth we walk upon. But let's just say this, Bahrain isn't meant for people to walk around in their bare feet. It's just purely unsanitary. Ewe...

Everyday for the past week, my mind has been rushing to read, plan an outfit, listen to my audiobooks, practice yoga and go running all at the same time. It's been racing tracks all week thinking about everything little thing I could do in the small amount of time given to us in a day. 24 hours isn't enough. Night comes to fast and my body and mind craves a rush to squeeze everything into one day.

Having recently finished reading a book, I itched to pick out another from my shelf; knowing that I had another one that's half way done on my bedside. I ended up picking two more books out of my shelf; one is already half way done, while the other is patiently waiting to get picked up. 

All that rush is going to die out soon, but I am savoring the moments before it does. I seem to have trouble convincing myself that there will always be tomorrow, but there will be. Tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow... - That sounds familiar for some reason, does it? 

| Top -Zumiez | Plaid - Forever 21 | Jeans - Bershka |
| Shoes - H&M Necklace - House of Blues (Bitsy) Bag - Gifted |
| Hair - Grew it myself thank you. :) |

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

Do any of you guys feel that same kind of rush? 
Maybe it's the change of weather? Do you think? 
Either way, have a FABULOUS day! Wherever you are. 

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