DIY Autumn Leaves Garland

September 29, 2014
You know you need a little bit of a change when you walk into you room and notice that it looks so plain; despite the mess of course. And you're itching to change something, and move things around because you're just sick of what you see everyday and it's starting to look boring. 

So I've been obsessed with getting my room to look like an autumn pinterest board threw up on it. Okay gross but you get what I mean. It's been looking too plain and with the weather changing, I felt like my room needed a little change. And I decided to make some autumn leaf garlands to liven up the room a bit and get into the spirit of thanksgiving...kind of.

Here is how I did it!

First off, you will need a few things 

1. Autumn colored wrapping paper (the cloth-like kind that refuses to stick with tape) or normal colored paper. (Orange, yellow, brown, green) 
2. String
3. Scissors
4. Autumn leaves printouts (you can get some here; Just Paint It Blog and Spoonful)
5. A needle/ sewing pin / paper clip (if using normal paper) 
6. Maybe some tape (for normal paper) 

Cut them out. It doesn't have to be perfect since we'll be cutting bigger sizes with wrapping paper. 

Cut about 6 inches of your wrapping paper, and again it doesn't have to be perfect since we'll be cutting around it anyway. 
*if you're using new normal paper proceed to the next step.


Then you'll want to fold your paper in half twice to make a rectangle. Then you could either fold it once more sideways or cut it in half. I cut mine in half since the paper was a little too thick.
You will want to make sure the paper is around the same size or bigger than the leaf printout.
*folding it makes it about 4 - 6 leaves.


You will want to get your sewing needle and stick it through the printout and the paper to hold it in place while cutting. 

* If you're using normal paper, you can use a paper clip to hold it in place instead of a sewing pin


Once you're done cutting, it should look like this. 
* I used a pin because the wrapping paper is cloth-like and stretchable (no idea why), and so when I pin it, the holes aren't noticeable. 


Now you will want to cut small slits on two sides of the leaf to slip in the string. And you're done! 

  *if you're using normal paper, you don't need to slit holes in the leaves, just stick them directly on the string with tape. 

I literally jumped up and down for a bit after I hung it by my window. 

Hope you all have as much fun making these garlands as I did. I just love crafts! 
Good Luck and have a great rest of the day!!


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