A Birthday Message

September 30, 2014
Meeting that one person and finding that you value their opinion more than other people you've met. That one person who's just like your sister/brother, but isn't. That one person who you tell your deepest darkest secrets too. That one person that gets you. That one person you find yourself crying to after a breakup, or to bitch about some person you loath. That one person who will always try to be there. And before you think of it, No I'm not talking about the love of your life or your mom, I'm talking about a best friend.

It's my best friends birthday today! Michelle and I have been best friend since...7th grade, so that's like 8 - 9 years. Howly hellhole! That's a lot of years. Waw.

And cue the embarrassing photos
Photos from (2008-2009)

We were a trio actually. Michelle, Nikki, and I. We would laugh, argue, and push each other toward the guys we had crushes on. The arguments usually involved teenage mood swings but would usually die down with a simple laugh and a broken door or two. That one time, things; no idea what things, but things, got out of hand, and Michelle locks herself into a stall in the girls bathroom of our high school. Nikki and I would try to talk her into unlocking the door, but she just wouldn't budge. So we started pounding, and Nikki eventually began slamming her body towards the door deliberately trying break it down. I think she meant to scare Michelle into opening the door, but when it was too late, Michelle squeaked in fear while Nikki and I gasped at the sight of the broken door. Fortunately no one was hurt and the three of us just ran out of there like criminals laughing our arses off. That was one of the fondest memories of the three of us together. 

Another was during our senior year Christmas party, I wasn't feeling particularly in the partying mood, Michelle, made me go through a little scavenger hunt. Just a fun way to spice up the usual Christmas gift giving. So she planted small notes around school for me to find. The notes had instructions to where I should go next, and it eventually led to an empty locker and a snow white teddy that I later called "Zero" (Vampire Knight reference), which I still have. It was the sweetest gesture anyone has ever done for me. That day, I realized how awesome it was to have a best friend like her.

Photos from (2008-2009)
Okay enough with the embarrassing photos...

When graduation hit, Michelle; or by that time we called her Nish, so she could get into the N's of Nikki, Naj (yes my sister) and I. Nish had to leave for the Philippines to study, and from the moment we last saw each other, we would count down the days to the next four years. 

Communicating via yahoo messenger then slowly migrating to facebook, we kept in touch, and we would speak every week, sometimes everyday. Between those four years, my family planned to visit the Philippines for vacation and Nish and I hung out for a day. And that day was the last time I saw her in person. That was back in 2012.

Despite our long friendship, Nish and I were known for our differences; at least to each other. We were almost complete opposites. She likes savory, I prefer sweet. She's a realist, I'm the optimist. She's outgoing, I'm the hermit. She's the sporty fashionable type with her sneakers and tees, I'm the girly girl with my florals and pink dresses.

And that brings me to my Nish-inspired outfit. 

While I would pair my skater skirt with heeled boots and a crop top, I predict Nish will style hers with a pair of sneakers and some denim. I really wish she was here with me or I was there, so I could actually feature her on the blog. 

| White top - Forever 21 | Denim top (similar) - H&M
| Skater Skirt (similar, similar) - Ebay | Shoes - Converse
| Necklace (similar) - Ebay |

So, Michelle, Happy 21st Birthday! Reminisce on the fun times we spent together in person, as teenagers, and the fun times we spent chatting on facebook about completely random things like how many times your phone got stolen since you moved to the Philippines. If we were to spend the next couple of years at least, in the same country, we would celebrate birthdays by partying until midnight, by the end of which you would get drunk and puke your guts out while just stand there and laugh for a bit before I hold your hair up and rub your back. Stay happy, live life the way you want to, whether it's sitting around doing nothing for a week or jumping off a plane, Fight hard for what you believe in and stay strong no matter what. I'll see you soon.! <3

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