Book Review: Power Play by Jasmine Winterson

July 30, 2014

Power Play by Jasmine Winterson
Book #3 of Uncertain Ground Series
Genre: Fiction, Mystery 

The compelling new novel from Jasmine Winterson.

We live our lives. We follow the rules. We die.

What if things could be different? Imagine a world without limits. A world with a brighter future for everyone. What price would you be willing to pay?

Power Play roams from Alaska's North Slope to Brazil's urban slums. Webs of murder, jealousy and revenge threaten to rip apart families and destroy entire communities. Secrets may offer the only path of salvation.

No one said change was easy.

Jasmine Winterson is the author of these three novels. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Power Play, is the third book of the Uncertain Ground series, and Power Play is where the characters that were introduced in the first two books get come together, and fight for what they want and what they believe is right.

Power play is an exciting, intriguing novel. With so many things going on between those pages, it felt like a page turner, though at first I found it hard to keep track on who's who and what's what.The storyline felt a bit elusive But once the pieces are put together, it all made sense. 

Going through the book, learning more about the characters, it was funny to see how they react to silly things, but when things got serious, panic arose, plans were quickly made and the excitement was back on. I like how Winterson has a pattern of building up the level of excitement to it's peak, then decreasing the emotions to a calm humorous level, and then driving the exhilarating adventure back to it's peak.

Power play is an exciting, intriguing, thought provoking, crime novel that can get shocking and dark.
I recommend this to those who enjoy general fiction about business ventures, exciting races and mysteries.

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