It's a Gala!

May 24, 2014

It's a gala y'all!

I went to my first gala dinner during my trip to Oman. Now when people say "Gala Dinner" my first though was, red carpet, photographers, savory dishes, and the waltz. I know, that's not how regular gala's go and that I read too many red carpet articles. But I'm not the only one who had the red carpet fantasy, a friend of mine who came long on the trip had the same perception, so I'm not alone!

Anyways, the gala was to celebrate the conference or to give those uptight toastmasters a chance to let the crazy in them free. There was dancing. ALOT of it. First, everyone was okay, swaying to the music the live band was playing, and then the DJ stepped it. We all know what happens when the DJ steps into the building. People start to dance, jump and woohooo...It was weird watching those once serious toastmasters shake their booty up on the dance floor. And that was my cue to step out and sit down.

It's not that I don't like dancing and jumping to the music, it's just that the music was bad, or well, not my kind of music. I'm sorry but no. So 90% of the night,  most of our group stayed by our table, watched, and laughed at those who were dancing.

| Coral Maxi Dress - Forever 21 | Necklace  - ALDO |  Cardigan (similar) - Bershka | 
Shoes - Payless | Bag - Charles & Keith |
creds to my sis for the photos

When I saw this dress at Forever and tried it on, I felt so beautiful. Though it's simple, it really makes me feel beautiful for some reason. Maybe it's because I've never worn a dress like this and actually looked good while wearing it.

Has a dress or a piece of clothing ever made you feel beautiful?

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