Accept What Comes

March 9, 2017

I've grown up thinking I was right most of the time. I never liked to be wrong, so much so that I would get angry and agitated whenever someone would correct me, even with the smallest things. I remember having arguments with my siblings about something that doesn't matter now, and I ended up being at fault and on the wrong side. I didn't like it. Who does, honestly? It hurt my pride and self-esteem. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough.

I was young, I didn't know how to accept that I can't be right all the time. I didn't understand how the word accept would fit in with emotion and willpower. I thought it was just a word they used for when you get accepted at universities or jobs.

Until I accepted.

I've meditated on the words Accept and Surrender for a few weeks now and I finally get it. It felt I opened a window that's been shut tight for a really long time. I feel lighter, freer, and willing to let things happen because they're meant to happen. Or as Adriene would say,

"Everything is as it should be." 

Since then, I've been letting the universe lead the way and accepting what comes. Whether it's making a decision that didn't turn out so well, or did, or saying the right thing at the right time, or didn't. Whatever comes, comes. Whatever choice I made, we make, at the time, was meant to be.

It's a wonderful thing, acceptance, I never thought I'd finally see the light and feel open to so many different things because of it.

I hope you find a way to accept life and what the world has to offer, too.
Turn towards the good today, and accept what comes.

PS. It feels good to write again.

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