Overcoming the Issues of Self-Image

June 6, 2016

Self-image is one issue that majority of us face when growing older. It usually occurs when your mind is flushed with ideas of the perfect image, the perfect body, the perfect hair, and when you don't see the perfection that is already you. When we're conscious of our self-image, it deprives us of moving ahead into our lives and making the best choices. It diminishes our self-confidence and the pride we have for ourselves. It's an awful feeling that just plain out brings us down.

How do we overcome it? How do we find the true perfection that is us?

I've gone through the whole self-image issue myself. Growing up around others who were skinny and had perfectly straight hair made it difficult for me to accept who I was and how I looked. I was the complete opposite of the people I was with; overweight, thick curly hair, thick glasses, so it was tough for me just to accept me. 

Eventually, as I grew older and with the beauty that can sometimes be called the Internet, I began to read article after article of loving yourself, and I began to follow the teachings of the Law of Attraction, I slowly accepted who I was and plainly just loved myself.

Here are a few points to help you get through it:

Look in the Mirror and say "I look amazing!!"

This was tough for me at first because I wouldn't be able to look at my whole body in the mirror. It would hurt to look at myself, let alone accept how I looked. But the one time I got up in the morning and looked at myself and my birds nest of a hairstyle, I told myself that I looked amazing, and I just laughed at how ironic that statement was at the time. 

Laughter, my readers, is the best thing in the world. So I started to laugh at myself and how I looked when I told myself that I looked amazing. Heck, I did look amazing. I was rocking my PJs and my braids nest hairstyle that morning, and I stood tall and smiled! I was hella ready for the day!

Surround yourself with Good Vibes

Instead of surrounding yourself with people whom you keep comparing yourself to, surround yourself with those who make you feel good about being you. Those that make you laugh, those that make your day with good deeds, and those that will be able to turn your frowns upside down.

It's the good vibrations that attract amazing things, so be open to letting in the good people and the good energy into your system. With that slowly comes the acceptance of who you are. It's scary, but once you take the leap, it will be worth it. 

Read, Listen, and Accept

There are so many others out there who went through their self-image issues. Some of them had written it online, or maybe you know someone who went through it. Look for that person who is rocking at everything they do and naturally has that good strong energy radiating off them. Ask them how and if they're happy, and listen to their story. It will slowly allow you to take another step closer to acceptance. 

Knowing that there are others who went through self-image issues and came out of it feeling amazing, allows you to know that there IS hope. 

Love Yourself

Easily said than done, some might say. But once done, the change is phenomenal. Waking up in the morning and telling yourself that you're amazing, surrounding yourself with good vibes, and finally accepting yourself for who you are, are a few ways to slowly love yourself.

It's a slow process that turns you into a much better you. So start with the small things that you love about yourself. Accept it. Love it. And in time, you will slowly grow to love the whole you.

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Self-image is just that, it's an image.
It's not how others see you, it's how you see yourself that's important. 
Love yourself like you've never loved anyone or anything more. 
Stay good to you and to others! 


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