Maintaining Your Positive Self-Image

June 27, 2016

After overcoming the issues of self-image, and after accepting that you are worth it and that you are amazing, you live your days where you feel like nothing can stop you, and that you can overcome absolutely anything and everything. But there comes a time when you struggle with keeping it together and maintaining the self-confidence you built up through time. You look at yourself and can't help but point out the number of imperfections you see, and can't help but feel envious when you see someone doing better and achieving more than you. How do we hold up the ladder to keep from falling?

Overcoming your issues with self-image may have been a little difficult, but maintaining your positive self-image and reminding yourself that you are good enough, is a challenge that you should take, because, why not?

Negativity is Always There

No matter how much we try to drown out the negativity in our lives with all the positive and overwhelming bright extravagant energy we can muster, negativity will always be there. That is a part of life.

There was a time when I was transforming my life into someone more confident and mellow. I tried so hard to look at the bright side of everything and be forever positive, and it was tough. With every ten times I let out positive energy, a negative emotion or situation would come up right after. It took me a while to realize that we can't always be positive. There will always be something that will take you back down into the depths of all that is negative and dark. How else can we want to the warm clouds of positivity to float on? Without the bad, how can we define the good? The only way around it is through acceptance and avoidance.

Continue to Smile

Easier said than done sometimes, but when done, has substantial benefits. Every day, I try to raise the corners of my lips up into a smile, whether it's to myself, into a mirror, for a camera, or for others. Whenever I do it; even if I don't feel like it at all, a spark of joy lights up into a tiny flame in me, and it gives me a twinkle of hope that everything is going to be okay. Every small thing can turn into something big.

Smile even if you don't want to. Smile at every chance you get. Smile at the big things, and smile at the little things. Because one, everyone looks gorgeous when they smile, and two, your heart and mind opens up a little bit to welcome in the good.

Appreciate the Little Things

This is the one thing I keep telling others when they feel overwhelmed or hate the world. "Remember the Little Things and Appreciate them." In my experience whenever I give overwhelming joy to a small thing that happened, my whole day turns out twice as better. The little thing can be getting a parking space, or how your eyeliner turned out perfect for the day, or even how you're 10 minutes early to a meeting. It can be absolutely anything. By appreciating the little things, your energy is focused on that, so you'll have no headspace to dwell on anything else.

Accept You

It's challenging to accept yourself and your flaws. We beat ourselves up too much for forgetting your friends birthday, or for accidentally saying the wrong things, or for even the tiniest things that we do, and coming out of it emotionally and mentally is exhausting. 

With one step into self-doubt is a downward spiral, and the first step out of it is through acceptance. Accept that you're feeling this way, accept that you can't do anything about it now and that it's okay. When the time comes, slowly accept your flaws, your beauties, and then yourself entirely. 

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Even when you sometimes feel like you're going off balance, remember that it will always happen, it's all the matter of perseverance to keep you in check. The negativity will always be there so just keep on smiling, appreciating the little things, and accepting your flaws and your beauties because you can be confident, fabulous, and ah-mazing! Trust me, you can.
Go forth and be badass!

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