Banana Leaves & Palm Prints

May 2, 2016

Whenever I go on Pinterest or Tumblr, one of the main things that I reblog and pin are elegant fashion pieces, boho-chic attire, and my dream house goals. I'm in the age where everyone around me is getting married and having babies, and I'm just here saving up my money to buy a house and furniture.

As far as I got to designing my own interior, is my room, and I've already maximized the space I got when decorating. Each four corners of the room have its own theme and feel to it. One side has the yogi feel, the other a boho feel, a successful badass feel, and the final side would be my free space for most of my hoarding properties. Yes, unfortunately, I like to keep every glass bottle, Starbucks cup, and moisturizer container I used up; you have no idea how useful they can be.

The best thing about having my own empty space to design is using whatever interior design skill I picked up and going at it like a blank canvas to a painter. Plus, it's refreshing to actually sit in a space that radiates positivity and good vibes. So very very refreshing!

Since it's summer and we're loving this summer weather; hello heat and welcome back sunscreen! I have been getting the urges to change up my room a bit to give it a more tropical feel. How about some Banana Leaves and Palm Prints?

When Laurel & Wolf contacted me and told me about the Banana Leaves trend, I fell absolutely in love with the pattern. If I could go out and buy some pillow cases and duvets with that pattern I would! It not only gives you the summer jungle feel but also make it look like you're entering into a whole different room. It's the kind of pattern that pops and changes the whole atmosphere of the room. It amazes me that a small change can make a huge difference.

If you're not familiar with them, Laurel & Wolf provides online interior design services. They were born from the idea that great design transforms the way individuals work, live, and love. They connect anyone looking to design their space with a marketplace of professional interior designers, and after four easy steps, clients receive a personalized, beautiful design package. Head over to their website for learn more about their online interior design services.

Grab some banana leaves and palm print patterns the next time you go shopping for pillowcases, duvets, or even just a framed photo. A small change can lighten your mood and make a huge difference.

Have a great summer everyone!

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