Why Some of Us Celebrate Valentine's Day

February 14, 2016

The last time I wore this cape on the blog was on my Highland Layers post. I remember feeling so much like a highland wife when I first got this, and now it just makes me feel super comfy. Today, I've decided to pair this cape up with my mint green heart sweater; that makes me look like mint chocolate chip ice cream, some olive jeans, and boots, to for a comfy cozy Valentine's outfit. 

Valentine's Day was called "Single's Day" and "All Black Day" because back in the day when we were mere teenagers and preteens stuck being single, the craze of getting a rose, paper hearts, or chocolates on Valentine's was floating in the air. So when the big V-day hit, anticipation for getting, at least, something from someone rose high as a kite. If we got a heart in our lockers or a piece of chocolate on our desk, it would make us feel just a little bit loved, giddy, and less like the whole world sucks. Sigh, the good old days.

People celebrate Valentine's Day to show a little bit more love for their significant other, their parents, their children, and their best friends. Think about it, with our busy and fruitful lives and over-booked schedules, the only time we get to really celebrate everyone's love, and appreciation is during their birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. So, why not add another day to take the day off from work and spend it with a cozy brunch date with your close's group of friends and champagne to toast the to whatever love that's left in the world. 

| Sweater - Ebay | Cape - New Look | Jeans - Bershka
| Boots - Call It Spring | Necklace - ALDO  | Tote Bag - Society6

Photo Creds: Shabana Feroze

If you want to celebrate Valentine's this year, I encourage you to not only do it with your significant other but, to do it with a group of friends and family. Make a whole celebration out of it, and throw come heart confetti around!

And if you're not the kind to celebrate it and don't see the point of focusing all the love on just one day, then wake up every day and spread the love to everyone around you, let's not be selfish and keep the love all to ourselves now. Spread it like you're a flower girl at the wedding of the world!


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