Is The Universe Really Against You?

February 8, 2016
One of my favorite motivational sites The Indie Chicks has decided to shut down. When I received the email my heart broke a bit, but I realized that I'm more grateful for that they have given me than sad to see them go. They helped bring my 2015 to life with my first ever proper article published online and with so many other motivating, inspiring, and badass women out there who contributed to the website. They got me excited and gave me a space to write my heart out and help others. I will forever be grateful for the ladies who made The Indie Chicks happen; Julie, Chiara, and Chrystal, and for literally making me a better person.

Since they will be shutting down their website and magazine. All the articles on that website will be deleted. So I've decided to repost my articles on here for everyone to view once again whenever they need a boost of motivation.

You’re 20 minutes late for work, so you rush and drop your phone in the process. There is a little dent, but not a crack. As you’re almost to the office, someone bumps into you, and spills their coffee all over that new blouse you decided to wear today. On top of it all, you think you stepped on gum, your phone keeps buzzing with emails, and the guy who spilled coffee on you now blames you for the situation. Is the Universe really against you?

We all have our good days and our bad days. But there are times when our good days would turn into bad ones, and rare moments when our bad days would turn to good ones.

Do you remember those few times when your day completely turned around and from waking up with a bad stiff neck and panda eyes, you fall asleep with a smile, and maybe still have a little bit of a stiff neck, but you felt good about the day nonetheless?

Sometimes, it seems pretty easy to turn a good day into a bad one. Just one negative thought or action can drastically change your entire day. Perhaps you stubbed your toe at the end of a table and you start to swear and groan in pain. While hopping around on one foot, you knock over your coffee mug and a stack of paperwork that you spent hours working on, so you end up in pain both physically and emotionally because your favorite coffee mug is now shattered and you can’t buy a new one now because you’ll have to clean up the mess and redo the paperwork that is now soaked in coffee.

Here is a virtual hug for all of you who have gone through a situation like this. It’s okay, everything will be fine.

Now how does a bad day turn into a good one? Well, that’s all up to you. As your day goes, everything that happens is all up to you. Whether you go to your favorite restaurant or try that new one across the street, the decision is all yours. But here are a few things that may help you along your way to a great day.

Have Faith

They say that hope is faith’s sorry cousin, which is true. Hope implies wishes and dreams, while faith implies action, goals and certainty. Wake up every morning, know and have faith that today and everyday of your life will be filled with great opportunities, excitement, and overwhelming feelings of joy. Sit in bed for a bit and repeat the words out loud or in your head, “Today is going to be a good day. Today is going to be a great day” and let those words sink in for a bit before you get up.

Smile & Be Grateful

Smiling is the best kind of make up. When you smile, the certain muscles on your face gets stretched and relaxes, and can instantly brighten your features. People tend to forget what you’re wearing or how your hair looks when you give them a bright smile. Start smiling and thanking others for even the smallest gesture as opening a door or holding the elevator. Thanking others with a smile may turn the other persons day around, and by knowing that it may even brighten your day.

Indulge in Something Great

Focus on things that calm us down like, knitting, reading, meditating, eating, or watching your favorite TV show. Sometimes we need that little something to help us boost our days. Now I’m not saying skip work to spend your entire day eating a tub of your Ben & Jerry’s and watching Netflix. I’m saying you should make time to indulge in the good things in your life. Read a chapter of your favorite book during your lunch break, or go to your favorite coffee shop and indulge, and savor every word and every sip. There is something about letting your senses take over that relaxes a person.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

When all of the above seems to slip away and your good day meter has gotten a little cray cray. It’s always good to breathe. Take a deep, deep, deep breath through your nose letting all that air fill your lungs and abdomen, hold that breath in for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly through your mouth.Repeat this a few times and focus on your inhales and exhales. Breathing deeply can relax your body mind, and allow you to think clearly. The slower you breathe and observe your breathe the more breathes you’ll take in your life.

The decision to having a good day is in your hands. It’s all you. The only way the universe will go against you, is when hell breaks loose. So don’t fret, have faith that the rest of your day will be a great one, smile, be thankful, indulge in the things you enjoy, and breaaaathe.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and good luck!!

Image Credit: Shutterstock and The Indie Chicks

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