Breakfast at The Orangery, Tearoom and Pâtisserie

November 9, 2015

A large enough English-inspired restaurant that is able to be hidden in the shadows. The Orangery, Tearoom and Pâtisserie is a classy, antique pâtisserie with a splash Middle Eastern culture. 

Upon entering the restaurant, we were hastily greeted by a waiter who offered us a table either inside or outside. Inside of the pâtisserie looked sweet, elegant, and quite spacious, but since the weather that morning was breezy and cool; Autumn feels and all, we opt for a table outside in their garden. It was quite a beautiful place. It looked almost like a backyard of a mansion with fountains, trees, and statues. 

After scanning through their breakfast menu, I found that they didn't have much variety of breakfasts. It was mostly pastry–of course, it's a pâtisserie–so if you're looking for meat for breakfast, I'd opt for Fuddruckers or iHOP breakfasts. I ordered a Hazelnut Latte to get me started, and later their Belgian Waffles that was topped with strawberries, icing sugar, and cream and maple syrup on the side

Hazelnut Latte tasted no different than the regular latte's with hazelnut syrup out there. The blend between hazelnut and the coffee, to me, was perfect. The hazelnut wasn't too strong that it overlaps the coffee, nor was it too lacking. It was a pretty good blend that was doable. 

Texture and flavor wise of the waffle is crunchy on the outer layer and not too sweet; the fresh strawberries provided that extra sweetness to it. That large waffle is enough for one person with a small stomach like me, but if you need a little extra, then the Oriental Breakfast or the Orangery Breakfast would be perfect. 

If you're looking for the perfect pastry and fruit-based breakfast then Orangery Pâtisserie is the perfect place for you. Although, I must warn you that they are quite pricey. The Belgian Waffles alone was about BD 6.000, and the Hazelnut Latte was around BD3.000. While the Oriental and Orangery Breakfast went up to BD 13.000, but this breakfast is good enough for two guests.

Three and a half flowers for The Orangery, Tearoom and Pâtisserie, because of its English-inspired classy look, exquisite looking cakes, delicious pastries, but also for its pricey and inadequate menu.

They are located in the vicinity of The Palace Boutique Hotel, Adliya.


Check out The Orangery, Tearoom and Pâtisserie social media links to learn more about them!  Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Have a lovely week everyone!

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