The Appearance of our Inspiration

September 8, 2015

"How did that happen? Where did all that time go?" – are questions I've been asking myself for the past few days as I reminisced on the nights that have gone by. It's September and we officially have about four months until the year ends, does that freak out you yet? I think I'm more shocked that I want, no, need more months in the year than the year actually ending. A new acquaintance of mine says to me, as we head to one of our meetings, "I can't wait for this year to end already!". And for the first time, I don't agree with her. If someone told me this two or three years ago I would've agreed with that statement, but now it just feels wrong to want a year to end when you've got so much ahead of you. 

For today's post, let's talk about the appearance of inspirations to get us through the rest of the year gracefully. These past nine months I've discovered my inspirations and lost them. It sometimes hits me on the head, and I sometimes stumble and fall upon it unexpectedly. Haha, inspiration sounds dangerous.

It comes out of nowhere. When you're sitting idle as someone babbles on about something you're half listening to, then BAM! It hits you right on the head, and when it does, amazing things can happen. 

Just like when I was at a toastmaster meeting one night, half listening to the speaker speaking – which really isn't proper ediquette in toastmasters, but sometimes a person can't help but get distracted. So I was looking out the window at the city lights and the cars passing by, and that's when it hit me. I had a sudden realization that came with an intense feeling of inspiration. My eyes widened and heart raced with an idea that I cannot remember right now, but I do recall that it was a brilliant idea that made a difference that day.

Or when I lay down in shavasana (corpse pose) after my yoga routine. I lay there and focus on my breathing, when yet another intense feeling of inspiration strikes and brilliant idea rose up from the ashes. That idea would usually be a blog post idea, outfit idea, or an article idea.

It amazes me to see how something with no relevance in physical shape or size, can bring in an intense feeling of motivation that ignites the creativity and perseverance in an individual. Inspiration can strike you anywhere, anytime, and any place. It's beautiful like that. 

What's inspiring you these days? Make a list. Make a loooong list, and read it out loud a few times. Trust me, it'll either make you smile or bring light into that already vibrant aura of yours.

Stay true, my darlings.


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