Short Curly Locks

August 17, 2015

That one night I went to sleep with something amis, I awoke the next morning with a pure intention to chop my hair off. The last time I had hair this short, it was chemically straightened, rebonded, and it looked awful. I looked more like woman version of Georg from Tokio Hotel back in 2005 than anything else.

I've been wanting to try out short hair for a while and that morning I finally did. I called up my hair stylist and booked an appointment. A few hours later, I went in there and came out a changed woman. I was literally jumping for joy all the way home with how good the cut turned out.

The cut made me feel like I had a whole different purpose in life. It gave me a boost of confidence and a sigh of relief. It's more like the hairdresser chopped off my heavy heart and worries with every snip of the scissors and rubbed in some badass hair cream and gel with every stroke. Plus, this makes showers so much easier, and I get to experiment with styling. 

Since my bright bottom bits were cut, I couldn't stand not having any blonde or light colors in my hair so I ended up bleaching some of my bottom layers. It makes me feel more me. Perhaps I'll dye them green again. 

| Blazer & Shirt - Forever 21 | Watch - ALDO (Borrowed)
| Hat, Shoes, & Necklace - H&M

Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

I honestly don't know what I was thinking with this outfit. That week was a major blur, but at least I got to relish in that good summer weather by sweating buckets and avoiding a farmers tan. My hat protected me from the sun rays – though I now wish I had taken it off to wave about my short curly locks. 

Keep those smiles bright and stay fabulous, badasses! 

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