The Sea Calls

July 13, 2015

"Take me back to reality,
back to where my heart makes the choices, 
back to where my soul feels at home.  

Take me back to the time when things were blue and black, 
back to those days and moments of peace, 
back to where our only obstacle were us. 

Take me back to where the cold water flows and the warm wind blows, 
back to where we can go deep into the ocean and swim freely through, 
back to where our scales would change color in the summer sun, 
and back to where the cool winds of the night would blow our hair dry. 

Take me back to the dephs of the water, 
back to wear my heart craves and my soul belongs. 
Take me back to the sea because that is where I can be free. "

My attempt in creative writing. I haven't written anything like this in a while. I used to write short stories when I was in high school, but those were just contemporary middle-grade romance. Childish fantasies of boys and big hopes for the future.

This here is something simple and straight to the point. I've been really itching to go to a beach. Living on an island you'd think we'd have easy access to a proper beach. Unfortunately we don't, we'd have to drive for about 30-40 minutes to get to a proper beach that would most probably be filthy with litter. If we wanted something much fancier and cleaner we'd have to pay and take a boat to Al Dar Islands

With the sun growing hotter with every day that passes this summer, my craving for some sea air and tan lines grows stronger. I have been pestering the lovable people in my life to go to a beach with me, but the final plans have yet to be made until after Ramadan. 

How is everyone's summer going? Filled with summer love, I hope!
Photo by Iakov Kalinin

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