Feel the Power and Be Free

June 15, 2015

You know that feeling you get after a long and very productive day? You get out of the office and look up for a bit then breathe in that most probably polluted air, and think "Freedom". It's one of the best feelings in the world – other than love, that is. It feels so good, so you walk down the street to either hale a cab, or get to your car, and your head is shuffling a million things that you could do within the next couple of hours before you have to turn in for the night. The adhrenaline is still flowing in your veins and you have this urge to do something despite the long day you've had. 

So, go and be free. Get away from that stress, that anxiety, that drama, and be free. Take a stroll down a beach or a park. Run a mile, or two. Appreciate the scenery. Take a sip of a cold summer drink. Wear your favorite outfit. Smile your biggest smile. Hug someone so tight you the air comes right out. 

Go, my feisty reader. Go and be great. Go and become the bravest and strongest of them all. Go and enjoy. Go and feel that good energy flowing, and that power running through your veins. Feel the power to become great, badass, and free, because that's what you are. Great, badass, and free to do absolutely anything. Tap into that badass, ambitious inner being of yours that is dying to come out, and unleash it from its cage. Let it roam free to live, and to love. 

Go and be free, my darlings.

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