Those Floral Leggings

May 4, 2015

From galaxy leggings to floral ones. Oh, I think I'm in love.

It's not just the pattern that make my eyes ogle out of my eye holes like a cartoon character, but also the fact that these leggings are super comfy that I have this urge to wear them every single day but I don't because that'll be gross. 

I bought these pants not knowing what I could pair it with. I basically bought it because I thought the pattern looked pretty. Thankfully, I packed this plain baby pink tee with me to the Philippines. Phew. Though my choice in shoes could've been better. These sneakers are the comfiest shoes I own, they've gone through hell with me and they still look brand new, but I do wish I had them in a different color. 

 | T-shirt - Forever 21 | Pants - Trifted
| Shoes - Sketchers | Infinity Necklace - Gifted |

Photo creds: Michelle Salvatierra

I made my best friend, Michelle, snap some outfit photos for me while I stayed in the Philippines, and I'm not sure if it's just the golden hour or her camera that made these photos look gorgeous.

What are your thoughts on patterned leggings?

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