Summer in an Aquarium

May 13, 2015

An alternative to going to beaches during the summer is visiting a marine theme park with a huge aquarium that has ample air conditioning. 

These were taken at the Manila Ocean Park aquarium. The first time I went to this park was back in 2010 with my family. This time it was just with my siblings and my best friend Michelle, which was a lot more fun since we were in control of where to go and which shows to see. It feels nice being independent even if it's just in a marine park. 

Since it was hot in the Philippines, and I knew I would sweat through my clothes and would probably get a tan from walking outside trying to catch a taxi, so I went for my Hogwarts tank, white shorts and, of course, my sneakers.

| Shirt - Hot Topic | Shorts - Forever 21
| Shoes - Sketchers
Photo cred: Michelle Salvatierra

I'm highly looking forward to a fun summer by a beachside and/or a pool sipping mango juice while the sun shines high and bright. 

What are you looking forward to this summer? 

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